About Us

litawear.com — Love Is The Answer, with your truest jewelry fashion brand since the ice age!
Seriously, I love sparkling gemstones like diamonds as well as precious metals like gold or silver, but mostly I love my girlfriend, mothers, family, and more than 5 sisters!

They have inspired me to create this website because year after year I had to think about a special gift for Christmas when traveling back home for X-mas. Jewelry and fashion is obviously the girl’s best friend.

I became so obsessed and good at it, that I thought to myself wait, you keep answering random jewelry questions from friends, family, and colleagues.

Why don’t you make an accessible resource for everyone to profit who’s searching for unique necklaces or engraved birthstone rings as well as trendy earrings from NYC, France or Capetown, and so on!

That’s why I created a place where you can discover, learn, and lastly shop safely for the best jewelry pieces for your classic dinner look as well as, thank mom or dad with a remarkable birthstone ring for raising you up, and keep on loving you!

And of course here at Litawear Jewelry & Fashion which by the way stands for Love Is The Answer, you will find the newest necklace, promise rings, or wedding bands’ fashion as well as that timeless classic the white gold diamond engagement ring that will wow your significant other for good!

We are your new jewelry family you didn’t know you had on the World Wide Web — welcome, and you are welcome to shop around and if necessary ask us, me personally any, question.

Like good friends do before, they gift themselves for example with unique because customized anniversary rings, wristbands, or a timeless watch made of sustainable wood material.

Bill Dominic, Founder of Litawear.com Jewelry & Fashion [There are five things I love: my gal, my family, my sunny place of birth, cakes, and precious moments — a jewelry gift can immortalize these moments for you and me].