TOP 7 Anti-Engagement Rings: Self Love, Ethics, Conflict-Free Guide


My Ex-girlfriend was a lovely heart, however when we broke up I told her, you may need an anti-engagement ring to proclaim your self-love.

This may sound odd, supporting your ex to get herself an anti-engagement ring, but rare breeds do exist, don’t they?

However, you don’t need to rely on them. My former love actually possesses a self-serving attitude but rarely executed it. Many people, especially women, undervalue themselves and wait for a man to celebrate them.

An anti-engagement ring is generally worn on the pinky finger of the left hand. Though the basic idea of this type of engagement ring is that you buy yourself a ring gift and can actually wear it on any finger desired. From antique, vintage, healing to birthstone rings with a meaning all up to you.

Now that we’ve established that anti-engagement rings are for the bold lady (and men) who are sick and tired of waiting to be recognized by the significant other, family members, superior, or society. It’s time to make some hard, sweet choices.

The 7 Best Anti Engagement Rings

#1 Birthstone Anti-Engagement Ring

One of the most stunning statement rings you can proudly wear and show to the world who you truly are is a personalized birthstone ring.

A birthstone ring consists of a gemstone that is associated with the month of your birth. Moreover, every birth gemstone corresponds with certain healing and protective properties people since ancient times believe in.

For example, my youngest sister is born in June and her birthstone is, therefore, alexandrite, considered the rarest of all birthstones. It is furthermore the love, luck, and balance stone. In other words, a perfect anti-engagement ring.

My sister is definitely a balanced and very lucky last born I, we always showered with lots of love.

A stackable alexandrite birthstone ring in a 925 silver setting in typical glowing green is an excellent anti-engagement ring for those lucky ones born in June.

In case you are born another month, don’t worry, you too are covered by your unique birthstone from January to December.

#2 Solitaire Diamond Studded Ring

Strong women like my sisters (I have 5 of them) have accomplished a lot in their life despite the challenges they faced. That didn’t stop them from shinning.

Buying a luxurious and precious solitaire diamond for yourself isn’t a vanity metric price tag. On the contrary, it is another expression of self-determination, love, and acceptance without conditions or external approval attached.

A diamond (conflict-free of course), be it a natural or lab-grown gemstone was and is still seen as something rare and unequaled.

Just like you.

The difference is that you don’t need a woman, man, or any other person to tell you how much worth you are.

You can express it solely by yourself by getting that sparkling ring while of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong for a woman to get a diamond engagement ring from him if she wants it that way.

It’s all about choices.

#3 Rose Gold Name Necklace Pendant & Gold Ring

The best empowerment you can show to the skeptic outside world is to go full and by wearing a beautiful rose gold name pendant and matching ring.

This is another anti-engagement ring move from a self-reliant woman making her own money who doesn’t let someone or something apart from herself define who she is, what she is supposed to be and wear.


Guys, these times are over. Women love you, but the female body is defined by her for her, including jewelry and a name necklace with her name or initials on a feminine rose gold metal pendant is just the perfect girl moment.

#4 Minimalist Diamond Silver Earrings & 925 Ring

The anti-engagement rings movement came into life after the millennium in full effect. However, long before independent girls like Beyoncé made female-oriented empowerment hits, Joni Mitchell, Aretha Franklin, and more were there.

Nevertheless, the accessory buying millennial girl celebrates her freedom and ethical understanding big by going minimalist and environmentally responsible in the neo hipster generation.

The fact that young girls like Greta Thunberg (Sweden) and Vanessa Nakate (Uganda, Africa) are leading the climate change activism worldwide is a true and beautiful reality to experience, though the former may be more controversial.

Therefore, minimalist diamond rings in a silver setting are the new black jewelry fashion for her.

It’s also a great add-on to the rich world of powerful statements by women from all walks of life. Women don’t need to copy men to be great. Actually, the opposite is true. Minimalist millennial statements symbolize the shift smoothly.

While the former love clunky symbols like muscle cars which is fine, females can show that subtle strength of feminine beauty and smartness that compliments her in full as well.

A minimalist designer jewelry earrings and ring set is hip, feminine, and timeless at the same time.

#5 Bangle Bracelet With Charm & Heart Ring

When a woman walks in wearing stackable gold bangle bracelets with charm a room is filled with love and intimidation simultaneously.

The latter by all those weak men and insecure females who like to keep the real woman down.

The modern woman has been long in the making. She might not be perfect, but she knows her value exactly. This female buys rings, bangles, chains from her pocket, money she works hard for. A good partner supports and gets love back. Period.

How you ask?

Glad, you did.

Well, she defines it herself, and it doesn’t get cheaper by the day. All those jealous women, who simply can’t cope with her feminine confidence, please level up or be simply left behind.

This grown-up girl chooses to purchase herself bangle bracelets with charms, not to make noise, but to visualize how she feels that day or a moment in her life.

She, of course, loves to help all the other girls feeling down or ignored. Nevertheless, she doesn’t compromise on her integrity, values, and self-esteem anymore.

If you like her expandable bangle bracelets in platinum, gold, or silver or not, it’s not her priority. 

The anti-engagement ring comes with a matching bracelet. Love it or make space for Miss True Beauty.

#6 Mood Ring For Her

Mood rings, though considered modern, are indeed a vintage creation by some nerdy designers who wanted some unique and new accessory on the finger.

Traditional rings for weddings or promise rings are all nice and good. However, mood rings are truly exceptional in the sense that they ideally communicate what one feels in a specific moment by changing color according to the mood.

Depending on the mood of the wearer the mood ring changes its color from red representing warmth to, for example, to blue representing cooling or cold mood feelings.

Moreover, there is a suggested health benefit, whereby mood rings indicate the health state of the person wearing them.

What a superb gift for yourself, even if some scientific proof may be hard to get by. Remember, anti-engagement rings are all about you, and not what other people say or think.

The colorful changing mood stone rings are available in different styles, sizes, and material settings like sterling silver, palladium, or real gold for those who may be worried about allergies.

Hypoallergenic rainbow mood rings for women are inexpensive self-love jewelry for 21st-century females.

#7 Handmade Jewelry Ring Collection For Her

If you can’t make yourself happy, no one will ever be capable, no matter how much he or she loves you.

You can’t give what you don’t have. Thankfully, there is perhaps a rescue on the way.

Giving yourself the gift of a handmade jewelry collection is definitely a first sign of taking yourself seriously by investing in the outer beauty of oneself. One of the purposes of a woman is to fulfill her potential, not suppress it to please someone.

Here are my top hand-picked signature jewelry collection signifying the importance of you for you by you:

  • Modern vintage infinity sapphire gem ring
  • Modern and flat locket necklace or tree of life necklace
  • Beaded bracelet with charm
  • Teardrop shaped pearl earrings or princess cut emerald studs

These are my 2022 and beyond best 7 anti-engagement ring trends and guide for the edgy to classy, but always self-confident female of the present.

Don’t forget, if you are not feeling strong at this very moment, it develops by taking the first steps toward the new you. Affordable or expensive depends solely on our budget and mood, not an individual outside us.

The pandemic has proven one thing. Women are vulnerable AND strong at the same time. They are juggling work and home life.

They are working in the medical field along with sick patients with their male colleagues successfully, though exhausting.

That’s the benefit of millions of women like you gifting and dedicating towards society, humanity, children’s future.

In short, now you deserve to gift yourself the anti-engagement ring which is nothing else than pro-female ring jewelry of your choice –  this season is yours.

Bill Dominic

Bill is an art history and business graduate. Moreover, he loves to test, compare, shop jewelry & fashion items for his 5 sisters, girlfriend, nieces when not enjoying a great novel.

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