Tree of Life Meaning: Jewelry For Spirituality Guide


I once received a tree of life jewelry necklace in my younger days without knowing the deeper belief and purpose behind it.

Fast-forward I now know much more about the tree of life meaning accessory with its various origins or symbolism crossing time and cultures worth sharing it with you.

The tree of life symbolizes various religions, regions, and traditions of physical or spiritual beliefs. Christianity, where it represents eternal life or Judaic mysticism’s manifestation of creation. In Islam, it’s a tree of immortality. Paganism, Celtic, American, Asian meanings exist as well.

To meaningfully break it down for you, let’s dive in straightforward. How? By looking at the most important symbols of the tree of life across faith or timelines, as well as how you can benefit from receiving or gifting a unique and mystical tree of life jewelry.

Tree of Life in Religion & Spirituality Chart

Religion / Faith Symbolism Meaning*
Judaism Ten interconnected nodes Divine source, Torah book is the tree to eat from
Christianity Two trees, the cross Eternal life, new garden of paradise, Jesus on the cross source of life
Islam Vegetal pattern, palmettes with leaves up-outwards Tree of immortality, symbol of the way to live
Buddhism Pipal Bodhi tree  Eternal energy and tree of enlightenment
Hinduism Five golden trees Grant wishes after chants
Celtic Circle tree Nature forces reaching roots deep to branches sky-high symbol of strength, wisdom
Germanic Pagan Massive (oak) tree honoring sacred trees, standing at the center of the world
Voodoo Ceiba petandra tree Connects the dead with the living one, father of the forest, healer, botanical expert
Mesopotamia Crisscrossing lines and nodes Maybe immortality, unclear symbolism
Mesoamerica World tree with four cardinal directions Connecting both worlds, including outer space, wikipedia, *Meanings are interpretations with varying ideas.

Judaism Tree of Life Symbolism Explained

From all the Abrahamic religions, Judaism is the oldest faith and describes the meaning of life’s tree under the Book of Proverbs as Etz Chaim as well as in Genesis  (3:22–24).

Unlike the tree of knowledge of good and evil present in Christianity too, the biblical Etz Chaim tree is distinct as it is associated with wisdom in Judaism. It possesses no negative consequences of the former that lead to the eviction from God’s Garden of Eden, according to notes.

Restoring Harmony to Creation, next to the Kabbalah fruit of life given to those who adhere to the Torah, is one of many Jewish interpretations of the life tree.

Christianity Tree of Life Meaning

Succeeding the Torah, the Bible describes in Genesis and in the last book of Revelation’s last chapter the tree as a symbol of sin. This is where Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

In the book of Revelation (2:7) the tree is divided into two facing each other with a river flowing in between. The symbolism behind is one represents physical existence while the other, divine, spiritual life, Jesus, and God.

In fact, Christian theologists believe the cross where Jesus gave his life for the sins of humans is the ultimate tree of life, paving the way to paradise for those who believe in him and the Holy Father.

No surprise Christian pendants with a tree motif are a popular gift within the community and beyond. The latter is especially in the Western culture where many heathen reside, though these may go for other spiritual jewelry like mood rings alternatively.

Islamic Symbolism of The Tree of Life

All Abrahamic faiths connect the tree with the Garden of Eden. However, they differ in their interpretations and Islam is no different.

The holy Quran admits the existence of the tree of life as a spiritual symbol for good and evil. Whereby, following the Quran is a good way of life, and not adhering to it may be a bad act with a negative impact on your physical and non-physical existence.

Moreover, spirituality is gained through prayers symbolized by the upwards of the tree branches, while the outward branches speak to the emotional state of the believer during praying.

There is also a great architectural tradition used in many Islamic regions with a rich symbolic reference. Including the famous Al Azhar mosque of Cairo in Egypt built during the Fatimid era.

Buddhism Tree of Life Interpretation 

tree of life buddhism meaning

Eastern religions and beliefs, especially widespread Buddhism are more than familiar with the tree symbol.

It is believed that Buddha himself received his enlightenment while meditating under a tree named Bodhi tree. He even took its seed and planted them elsewhere on a mountain when traveling with his more than 500 monks to a sacred lake called Manasarovar in ancient India.

This spiritual journey to enlightenment is, embedded in many Buddhist scripts and passed down up to today. So far, even many Non-Buddhist like me are even, at least, subconsciously aware of the holy pipal tree Buddha once sat and meditated.

From bracelets to earrings symbolizing the life tree according to Buddhism, the thirsty follower or shopper can joyfully select her favorite jewelry piece at many online designer stores and flea markets across the board.

Hinduism Backstory of The Tree of Life

One of the most colorful and fascinating explanations of the tree as a symbol of life is that of Hinduism.

Here the many Hindu gods birth as a result of multi-layered actions a golden tree labeled Kalpavruksham. Actually, the number of the divine trees is five, whereby each of them represents a different function in terms of fulfilling your chanting offers according to Hinduism.

What is striking about the Hinduism tree of life´s mythology is the similarity from other ancient faith-based religions like the age-old Chinese faith Taoism.

It’s a mythical tree capable of gifting you all desires in life by simply chanting your wishes to it religiously as the holy Hindi script Sanatana Dharma recites. 

Depending on your wish, there are five different trees to direct your spiritual chanting to as a means to gain success with your earthly requests.

Celtic Tree of Life Explored

The Celtic culture is one of the most preserved medieval belief systems within the Nordic tribe’s thanks to Hollywood, video games, and medieval festivals across Northern Europe.

In what way fiction and reality coincide is another story for other times as it may be with many faith-based interpretations or ideas indeed.

Nevertheless, according to Celtic Crann Bethadh as the tree is also known in Irish, trees are relatives, ancestors with magical powers that can balance the universe by the harmony of nature.

Next to the mystical, trees are practical shelter, a sacred place in one where tribal meetings were held, including eating and sleeping.

No surprise the Irish build at the center of a tribal area a roundish oak tree (Axis Mundi) symbolizing the center of the world. This tree would be treated well and chopping it was an unthinkable sin in ancient times.

Today, the Celtic Tree symbol ring, necklace, or tattoo is a must-have for many Irish descendants in the USA as well as many fans of Ireland and its culture (unfortunately this may include drinking Guinness:)

German Tree Symbol (Paganism) Revealed

Closely related to the Celtic are the infamous Germanic tribes, including Vikings and others, with their own tree history they are proud of.

Germans historically resisted for long to join Christianity, which was pushed and also spread brutally by the southern European Roman Empire’s quest to conquer and enlighten the Barbarians.

The German tribes derived their strength partly from inherited Nordic mythology since they were less developed compared to the Romans who originally gave them the name Barbarians for their uncivilized culture.

In Nordic churches and other places of the medieval age, you can find examples of the massive oak trees (sacred yew tree) that represent Christian immortality as well as heathen worshiping simultaneously as described above in Celtic tree meaning. 

Voodoo Tree of Life Origins

tree of life voodoo meaning

The religion probably most misunderstood in our modern times is that of Voodoo or, as West Africans where it originates say, Juju.

This is partly due to colonization and racism. However African voodoo and its offspring in the Americas (esp. New Orleans, Haiti, Brazil) is vivid like Nordic and Eastern belief systems no one can scientifically verify its deity.

Hence, as a result, this West African faith comprises tree symbolism whereby in Voodoo it stands for the underworld (branches) and the spiritual (branches and leaves) where good and evil occur.  A sacred forest and a silk-cotton tree are the centerpieces of worshiping.

It is of no surprise though, that some significant parts are close to Christianity since many Voodoo followers are of African descent once enslaved and forced to convert into Catholicism or Protestantism. They merged the two into one, like in Brazil’s popular Candomble religion.

Mesopotamia Tree Symbol Definition

The Assyrian church is one of the oldest Christian institutions preceding the Catholic one in the Vatican State.

Tree symbolism is despite intensive research of the Mesopotamian era hard to nail down outside of agreement with Abrahamic tradition that associates tree meaning with immortality.

Modern Mesopotamia interpretations talk about a mystic bond from earth to sky symbolized by a tree. Whereby humans are the earthy ones and God is represented by the sky. This Mesopotamia tree dualism is further enforced by dual deities next to the sacred tree, the theory elaborates.

Perhaps an undetectable series of events paved the way from Mesopotamia to the other parts of the Middle East, Africa, and eventually Europe to formulate the tree symbol into what we know about it today.

At least in these parts of our precious planet. Memorable tree patterns in all these aforementioned regions, be it artisan carpet tree motifs, great Tree tattoos, or mesmerizing silver chain pendants, exemplify the assumptions.

Mesoamerica Tree Meaning and Symbolism

Mayas, Aztec, and many more great civilizations of the Americas produced an outstanding contribution to humankind in practical forms like astronomy, mathematics, and irrigation systems.

Lesser known is their spiritual basket full of treasures to be re-discovered just like in the far East of the vast continent Africa, the latter scientifically also known as the mother of civilization.

A ceiba tree stands at the center of Mesoamerica mythology, visualized by four cardinal directions. These directions mark top-down sky and earth as well as the Mesoamerican calendar before Columbus, the chronology is partly still in use.

The Mesoamerican tree branches (PDF source)  are sometimes decorated with birds and other symbolism, making it a pleasing visual experience worth wearing as a golden tree necklace jewelry or classic Latino wall decor, and more.

Tree of Life Meaning & Jewelry Roundup

A tree of life jewelry from an eye-catching sterling silver tree pendant to a golden Maya culture-inspired ring tree for her or a handmade Christian chain for him – the choice is ours.

Mother nature provides us, again, with a great and humanity unifying symbol. A tree that shows us our common history, belonging as well as the need to preserve this beautiful planet for the next generations.

Buying precious tree jewelry Online or elsewhere, be it for religious reasons or bonding with nature and so forth, is a great universal and special gift to your loved ones no matter your or their ethnic background.

Especially with the background knowledge that nearly all faiths and walks of life ranging from esoteric, religious, or non-believers love to wear a tree of life jewelry. Even if it’s just an edgy accessory, show that you care without breaking the bank.

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