What Do Pearl Colors Mean: Handy Answer Guide


What Do Pearl Colors Mean: A Quick Guide

Here’s the full list of the astrological pearl color definition the next time you get yourself one or for the person you care about.

A jaw-dropping pearl necklace for oneself, south sea dangle earring pairs for her, or mesmerizing Tahitian engagement pearl rings are best when matched with a meaning.

Just like birthstones for every month, pearls have, believe it or not, a spiritual or astrological profound meaning you are about to discover.

Pearl Color Meaning Guide Chart

Pearl Color Meaning
Gold Wealth and Independence
Black Safeguard, Stability, and Power
White Honesty, Tranquility, and Naturalness
Silver Prudence, Reliability and Safety
Brown Grace, Reassurance and Relieve
Green Blooming, Kindness and Aspiration 
Peach (Orange) Sustainability, Patience and Lighthearted
Cream Love, Cheerfulness and Well-Being
Red Dignity, Victory, and Tenderness
Blue Grit, Quietness and Faith
Pink Empathy, Warmth, and Gentleness
Lavender (Purple) Enthusiastic, Abundance and Sophistication

There you have it, your spiritual pearl color guide from golden to pink colored and their meaning.

Which one you pick is up to you, it’s as easy as in the chart of mood rings for him and her.

My favorite pearl colors are classic cream as well as the timeless gold and peach-orange since I’m the rather lighthearted and patient one (my significant other the opposite:).

What about you?

Natural Pearl Colors Chart

Warm Colors Cool Colors
Purplish Red Reddish Purple
Red Purple
Orangy Red Violet
Reddish Orange Blue
Orange Greenish Blue
Yellowish Orange Green Blue
Orangy Yellow Blue Green
Yellow Bluish Green
Greenish Yellow Green
  Yellowish Green
Chart: Litawear.com, Source:Gemologist Institute of America (GIA)

Why Do Pearls Have Different Colors?

Natural pearls possess different colors illustrated in the chart above. The colors are naturally created when the oyster protects itself by circling a layer around the intruder, whereby the color of the pearl ends to be the same as the mussel shell.

What Does The Color Pearl Symbolize?

The color pearl in itself symbolizes calmness, trustworthiness, true-hearted, and honesty. This is the belief since people started wearing pearls once discovered them as natural jewelry that does not need to be treated like most gemstones or precious metals.

What Is The Rarest Color of Pearls?

The rarest pearl color is blue, precisely natural blue. These pearls derive from the Blue Akoya pearl family, which originates from Vietnam and Japan freshwater oysters. The blue color peals are divided into three categories which are Blue Akoya, Blue-Overtone Tahitians, and Silver-Blue White South Sea.

Which Color Pearl Is Most Expensive?

The most valuable pearls you can buy at a jewelry store are currently the South Sea one, like Golden Akoya. This pearl color is extremely rare in comparison and therefore in high demand., which increases its value over the counter. The colors of these scarce pearls are either gold or white.

How Can You Tell If Pearls Are Real?

According to the Gemologist Institute of America (GIA) pearls are graded alongside 7 pearl value factors which are:

  •  size, 
  • shape, 
  • color, 
  • surface, and
  •  nacre quality,
  •  luster as well as
  •  matching

The difference between natural and cultured pearls is then tested. Tooth-testing by rubbing is the homemade version and not 100% reliable or scientifically valid, however useful as an initial proof of authenticity as long as you know how to judge it.

Do Pearls Yellow With Age?

Unlike most metals and gemstones, jewelry pearls need moisture or air, otherwise, they age over time and develop a yellow color since these are organic marine oysters. The mussel protects itself by covering the parasite with its natural conchiolin and aragonite secrete.

Color Meaning Summary

Peals are one of the most underrated jewelry collections you can call your own. 


A pearl can last up to 150 years; therefore it is an ideal commitment ring, wedding band,  or necklace gift to her, yourself as it is going to last for generations to come (think heirloom).

Next, due to its durability, you can wear your elegant White South Sea pearl today and a Black Akoya one for that romantic candle-night dinner. Choose according to mood, occasion, or meaning and let the magic happen.

This way you don’t need to worry that pearls are only for grandma, the opposite is the truth. If Gen Z, Millennials celebrities like the Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, or  A$AP Rocky are proudly wearing pearled designed jewelry, then you too can.

Exciting colors and innovation from natural to cultured and post-harvested pearls, not to mention the exotic origins (saltwater vs freshwater) — you can make the thrilling move thanks to an everyday, stylish genderless pearl from the best designers of the craft.

Lastly, are pearls worth anything?

A pearl is worth depending on if it is natural, sustainable, or cultured one whereby natural ones are rarest and most valuable to possess. Moreover, pearls can be traded at your next pawn shop depending on current market price evaluation (supply vs demand) just like platinum or valuable gemstones.

Pearls are on top, a piece of timeless statement jewelry like a gold necklace or diamond wedding ring, albeit with a deep, antique spiritual meaning and usually much cheaper than, let’s say gemstones.

From edgy minimalistic pearls to the lavish baroque days when queens and princesses adored them. The transformation of pearls into a one-of-a-kind piece is in line with the eco-friendly consumer movement of Fridays for Future and the likes.

Today, the modern woman and men’s outfit is ever-evolving, and a pink pearl choker on him or a perfect blue pearl pendant on her is as right as those over-the-knee boots.

This brief pearl color shopping guide, including a handy chart, is hopefully already enriching and helping you for the next anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day unique gift ideas.

If you need any additional clarification, let me know, otherwise have fun with your next pearl purchase.

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