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Save time and discover my best birthstone jewelry gift answers in this succinct free gemstone guide you guys requested and instantly avoid my many costly mistakes trying to buy my sisters or mom the perfect birthstone.

If you only want to learn more about the origins and purpose of a birthstone instead, then click here for my handy birthstone meaning tips, though I suggest you hang on for the following gems:

What Family Is Turquoise Birthstone Part Of?

The triclinic crystal turquoise group of minerals forms the 5 gemstones family consisting of:

TurquoiseDecember birthstone, opaque blue-green (copper, aluminum hydrated phosphate)
AheylitePale blue-green crystal
ChalcosideriteDark-apple green
FaustiteTranslucent white-pale yellow-green
PlaneriteWhite pale green-pale blue

Turquoise is a popular, but rare jewelry gemstone that is therefore often imitated and therefore mistakenly bought by consumers for a cheaper price, because some scrupulous jewelers take advantage of them by imitants like magnesite or howlite.

To avoid buying fake turquoise as a gift, get a gemstone tester like a refractometer or this highly rated gem tester, and if you can afford alternatively it, scratch on a small surface of the mineral.

Then when a light color other than opaque blue to green, then it’s likely a turquoise simulant jewelry stone while gem testing equipment provides gemological safe results concerning material properties like stone hardness or accurate refractive index (Turquoise: 1.610 – 1.650)

What Is The Similarity Between Tiger Eye And Topaz?

Topaz and Tiger Eye (aka cat´s eye) are both associated with good luck or fortune for the gemstone wearer. Moreover, in terms of stone color, the brown silky tiger eye corresponds with some bright topaz yellow-brown stones.

Concerning gemstone jewelry hardness Topaz is slightly harder (7/10) than Tiger Eye (7/10), which makes them relatively durable while rare and natural pink or red Topaz is a more expensive jewelry gift though.

What Is A CZ Heart Shaped Necklace Worth That Has A Pink Birthstone And Says Love In The Middle?

Cubic Zirconia (SZ)Price*
Cubic Zirconium Birthstone Necklace Gold Infinity$63,00
Cubic Zirconia 10K White Gold Solitaire Round Birthstone Pendant$159,00
Silver Custom Heart Birthstone Sterling Silver 1 Stone$74,99
Silver Classic Round Pink Tourmaline Pendant in Silver$159,00
Caw-set Heart-shaped Birthstone Fancy Pink Brilliance Zirconia$139,00
Mother & Daughter Sterling Silver with Pink Enamel Charm Heart-shaped$41,99, *All prices are retail prices subject to changes.

Cubic zirconia is relatively inexpensive birthstone jewelry, mostly lab-created gemstone, though rare natural CZ does exist, therefore the cost of a pink heart-shaped CZ birthstone varies from $60.00 to $160.00 not excluding cheaper and more expensive precious metals or semi-precious gems add-ons.

The different price ranges occur as a result of different materials used to create a unique birthstone design, often 925 sterling silver, but also 10k gold or other precious gemstones like emerald, sapphire, and real diamonds.

This results, next to hand-made designer pieces, in striking heart-shaped pink birthstone for the October-born ones like the author of this article as a perfect gift, despite Opal Tourmaline being the actually associated birthstone rather than CZ, at least according to the American Gem Society.

Why Would My Birthstone In My Ring Sapphire Change To Pure Black?

The sapphire gemstone naturally possesses up to 8 different color ranges from blue, pink, green, to brown, including pure black sapphire which is rare and quite expensive. A yellow or dark sapphire ring might over time fade in color, especially the shades of brown sapphire gem as well as the purple stone.

Additionally, under fluorescent light conditions or in broad daylight, bi-colored sapphires tend to naturally change color or turn cloudy. Do not worry though, because real sapphire is a gemologically solid stone with a hardness scale of 9 out of 10 like tungsten rings and only trumped by a pure diamond´s 10 of 10 hardness.

This stone´s material toughness prevents sapphire birthstones from chipping, breaking, or cracking.

Moreover, you can use a mild soap and soft cloth to clean sapphire jewelry gently after wear and store it in an accessory box securely to enjoy it for years to come.

This, next to its brilliant hue and color variations, has transformed it into one of the most sought-after engagement ring gifts today, especially the mesmerizing blue sapphire engagement rings for her.

What Birthstone Months Are On The Multi Sterling Silver Ring?

Cluster gemstones like mothers’ multi rings can consist of all 12 birthstone months in a ring jewelry set. Popular birthday birthstones for her or him might be stackable multi-gemstone pave 14k rose gold rings to personalized simulated ribbon mother and father´s ring in 925 sterling silver. Amethyst, ruby, jasper, and an agate birthstone multi-ring in silver sterling is not common family or friend jewelry gift to make.

Are Heart-shaped Mother´s Birthstone Gold Bracelets Real Or Imitation?

From birthstone stacking bracelets for mom to infinity heart-shaped jewelry, there are real and fake gold imitations on the market. To distinguish between simulants or lab-grown gold bracelets and solid gold you need to look out for a few gold jewelry testing and identifying clues:

Real vs Fake Gold Testing

Get Your Expert Recommended Gold Testing Kit Here

Note: Gold imitations are in the fashion jewelry business nothing new or wrong as long it is displayed.

Gold alloys like gold-filled bracelets or gold-vermeil are legit accessory products sold by jewelers online and at brick-and-mortar stores.

The only requirement by law is that they stamp the birthstone bracelet, earring, or necklace, and actually sell the jewelry item with the necessary real gold layered over usually a base metal like copper, sterling silver, rhodium, or even precious metals like platinum.

My Fiancé Bought Me A Flower Pendant With His Birthstone In The Middle What Is The Meaning Behind That?

Birthstone Flowers By Month

JanuaryGarnetCarnation / Snowdrop
FebruaryAmethystViolet, Iris, or Primrose
MarchAquamarineDaffodil / Jonquil
AprilDiamondDaisy / Sweet Pea
MayEmeraldLily of the Valley
JunePearl, MoonstoneRose or Honeysuckle
JulyRubyLarkspur, Tulip, or Water Lily
AugustPeridotGladiolus / Poppy
SeptemberSapphireAster / Morning Glory
OctoberOpal, TourmalineCalendula, Marigold / Cosmos
NovemberYellow Topaz, CitrineChrysanthemum
DecemberBlue Topaz, TurquoiseHolly, Poinsettia, Narcissus, or Orchid
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Birthstone correspondents with their mineral stones as well as associated flowers like September go with peridot and poppy or the gladiolus flower whereas the month of March´s birthstone is aquamarine and its flower is daffodil or jonquil.

Therein lies the meaning of a birthstone with a flower gift for her from him.

Are There Any Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Rings With September Birthstone In It?

From custom princess cut, birthstone mothers ring with accents to GIA certified 1.00 carat J, S12 sparkling sapphire wedding diamond rings there are many bespoke pieces of unique jewelry for the big day to choose from. The birthstone for September is deep blue sapphire, which is an increasingly popular gemstone for couples tying the knot.

Can You Wear Your Partner’s Birthstone?

One can wear his or her partner´s necklace birthstone gift as a means to visualize the couple’s deep connection with a spiritual symbol like a pendant or ring. A birthstone briefly represents ancient religious beliefs whereby nowadays it is associated with one´s birthday zodiac or personality for those who are spiritual, but not necessarily congregate.

It is therefore not unusual or weird to get your girlfriend or significant other a necklace with your initial on it, but a true symbol of love, connection, and spirituality for those who believe in these dimensions of life.

What Finger Do You Wear A Birthstone Ring On?

In the West, the pinkie and middle finger are widespread birthstone fingers, whereby the right hand is prevalent for wearing them. In the spiritual realm, birthstone rings can be worn on different fingers depending on the benefit the wearer is attempting to acquire by wearing a gemstone.

For example, the index finger represents Jupiter, the planet for prosperity and wisdom. On the other side, the Hindus too follow their own birthstone Vedic astrology where e.g. the little finger (pinkie) symbolizes relationships (opal) while other fingers signal other spiritual properties like authority (index finger) or willpower when wearing a ruby on your thumb finger.

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