What is The Purpose of Birthstones?


If you believe in the wearing of birthstone jewelry like many people around the world, then you are in good company. If not, then you are in for a treat because the story of how birthstones became popular is truly remarkable.

One purpose of birthstones according to ancient beliefs is protection, health, luck, and happiness. Another biblical meaning ascribes the 12 engraved gemstone breastplates of high priests in the book of Exodus to the continual memorial of the 12 tribes of Israel. Today meaning & purpose are wide-ranged.

Let’s dive in and discover what makes birthstones the powerful and perfect jewelry gift for every person out there, including you.

Birthstones Detail Meaning & Purpose

Unlike today, old age birthstones’ meaning and purpose are different, although some things are still the same (for instance colors). Additionally, new interpretations like personality tests have gradually emerged during the centuries.

High Priest Jewelry Birthstone Breastplate

Whenever the high priest of Israel carry their precious 12 gemstones, they were representing the 12 “lost” tribes of Israel as the bible recites. (Source).

The meaning of wearing these precious stones was, as far as we can interpret the old scripts, to bring them before God as a reminder of the 12 tribes of Israel, especially on holy occasions.

The 12 biblical birthstones were:

  • Ruby
  • Topaz (Citrine)
  • Beryl
  • Turquoise (Tanzanite)
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Jacinth
  • Agate
  • Amethyst
  • Chrysoberyl (Chrysolite)
  • Onyx and
  • Jasper

This is, due to the age-old language transcriptions and interpretations, one scholarly hypothesis out of a few about the origins of birthstones and their function.

Modern Christianity Meaning of Birthstones

Deriving from the book of Exodus with Aaron wearing the 12 gemstones on his breastplate, modern Christianity believes that each of the stones represents an astrological equivalent with supernatural advantages when carrying the corresponding gemstone on your body.

These benefits range from health to supernatural powers. The necessity to wear each month a different jewelry gem is, according to certain Christianity followers, a result of the purpose and powers each gemstone possesses.

The habit and practice lasted for a very long time until the beginning of the 20th century when an official gemstone list was introduced.

This 20th-century birthstone list says that instead of wearing 12 different gemstones for each month, one needs to wear just one stone from now on. A person wears the one which represents his zodiac or month of birth.

This was the birth of modern birthstone jewelry that is prevalent when gifting and wearing these gemstones.

The introduction leads to clarification and categorization that more or less is valid nowadays.

Birthstone Meaning & Purpose Today

The traditional birthstone meaning above is, as already clarified, the cornerstone of the 12 birthstone jewelry we buy and proudly wear in and outside churches.

In fact, many people who do not visit congregations on a regular basis if any, wear colorful birthstone jewelry for their month. Not necessarily out of deep religious beliefs, but as a zodiac symbol representing their earthy spirituality beyond churches or the Pope.

What is my birthstone?

Your birthstone is, according to the birthstone calendar list, the corresponding birthstone by month equivalent.

For example, the birthstone of January is the garnet gemstone. The meaning stands for protection. 

Birthstone Personality by Zodiac

Another association when it comes to birthstone is that of personality corresponding with a specific gemstone.

Pisces [Feb, 21–Mar,20] – Aquamarine – Personality: Cool and calm

Aries [March 21–Apr,20]- Diamond – Personality: Strong, endurance

Taurus [Apr, 21–May, 20] Emerald – Personality: Ambitious, outgoing

Gemini [May, 21–June, 20] Pearl – Personality: Patient and loyal

Cancer [June, 21–July, 20] Ruby – Personality: Focus and courageous

Leo [July, 21–Aug, 20] Peridot – Personality: Energetic and enthusiastic

Virgo [Aug, 21–Sept, 20] Sapphire – Personality: Wisdom and beauty

Libra [Sept, 21–Oct 20] Opal – Personality: Fortune and spontaneous

Scorpio [Oct, 21–Nov 20] Topaz – Personality: Passion and intelligence

Sagittarius [Nov, 21–Dec, 20] Turquoise – Personality: Generosity and elegance

Aquarius [Dec, 21–Jan, 20] Amethyst – Personality: Solid and smart

It goes without saying that you can use these zodiac personality traits as an inspiration to engrave birthstone rings or pendants and jewelry bands.

If you want to know more about the other birthstones and their attributed month, purpose, and meaning check the complete birthstone month by month list below.

What is the Birthstone for All 12 Months?


MonthBirthstonePurpose |Meaning*
AprilQuartz or DiamondStrength
JunePearl Love

Birthstone Detailed Meaning by Month & Color (Table)

January Garnet (Dark red) Protection against evil, esp. whilst traveling. Garnet means “pomegranate” seed
February Amethyst (Crystal Violet) Courage & relationship maker, in Greek mythology, helps to stay sober
March Aquamarine Mesmerizing symbol of health and loyalty to reconcile as well as protect ancient sailors
April Diamond or Quartz (colorful, clear) Strength & Love. The stone of the stones and symbol of purity, love, and strength in one.
May Emerald (green) Youth, wisdom, and success are some attributes of this green gem that even Cleopatra couldn’t resist it’s beauty.
June  Pearl (various colors) Love and happiness correlate in the jewelry world with a pearl aka Alexandrite
July Ruby (dark red) Vitality is usually associated with this special gemstone, where drinks glasses with ´em means salute
August Peridot (olive green) Fortune and power go hand in hand with this great birthstone since the days
September Sapphire (deep blue) Honesty & loyalty jewelry stone that withstood direct sunlight, hence special, rare, “rich”
October  Opal (multicolor) Luck into your life is what this aka as tourmaline gemstone suppose to bring
November Citrine (yellow – red) Joy and positivity correlate with this gemstone know as Topaz too
December Turquoise (opaque blue) True friendship and confidence are hard to find, not this rare gem

There you have it, the 12 beautiful birthstone for each month and their unique meanings. You can gift that significant other a personalized birthstone for men or women, even get yourself a unique jewelry present to remember and spiritually connect with the higher.

Is It Good Luck to Wear a Birthstone?

To wear a birthstone from your month of birth means good luck and much more. According to the birthstone calendar chart, a variety of meanings and purposes can be said to be valid for each month.

However, the birthstone associated most with luck is October, which happens to be my favorite month of all (Yes, you guessed it, I’m a Scorpio:). 

In all honestly, every month of the year comes with a fantastic gemstone, poetic backstory, and spiritual strength that will definitely bring joy, luck, and happiness.

A birthstone ring, pendant, or bracelet is truly a unique gift for a boy or girlfriend, mother, father, friend, and any person you care about in your life – even if that lucky one is you.

Can a Birthstone Ring Be an Engagement Ring?

A birthstone ring can be an engagement ring indeed. The birthstone month April for example correlates with the gemstone of love, which is a piece of diamond jewelry.

A diamond is not only the girl’s best friend but truly an outstanding symbol of unbreakable love, longevity, spirituality as well as a general modern love symbol.

On top of that, you are of course free to choose an engagement ring for her or him that fits with their birthstone month or taste if you just want to make a special statement gift.

This of course is true for a promise ring or wedding ring gemstone as well, not just for general birthstone presents.

What about a customized engagement ring with her name or other meanings? The choice is yours since all birthstones offer a unique meaning, shape, color, and gemstone type.

Where can I buy a birth gemstone?

You can buy your preferred birth gemstone at any jewelry store that offers a varied range of these mesmerizing stones. Your selection can be at a brick-and-mortar or select from a wider option list, your personalized birthstone for the special one at an online jeweler.

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