Gold-Filled Chain Necklace Jewelry Guide (Questions Answered)


In this compact gold-filled necklace guide, I´m going to give you the best insider secrets tips and answers to your jewelry chain questions like:

  • How to avoid getting ripped when buying a gold-filled chain
  • Which karatage (k, kt, ct) defines real gold-filled necklaces and what’s fake
  • What is the value of a gold-filled pendant and other gold-layered chains is or
  • How to find out if your rope, mesh, or cable necklace is real and much more

How Can I Age A Gold Filled Chain?

Gold-filled necklaces like Figaro or Snake chains can age well for years without additional cleaning and caring due to the durability of the metal composition which consists of a core alloy (zinc, copper, and silver) also known as brass jewelry, and the surface fine gold layered on top of the item (sandwiched).

The best caring for gold-filled pendants, collars, Cuban link chains, and so forth one can start to age it, is using a jewelry box, soft cloth, and soap water.

A gold-filled (GF) Palma or Wheat necklace is in comparison to gold-plated chains thick, and full-hard wired which prevents it from tarnishing, scratching, or turning dark unless under extreme conditions.

In fact, GF jewelry which naturally contains 58.3% gold on the surface is more durable than solid gold.

How Long A Gold Filled Chain Last?

Typically, gold-filled necklace accessories like a Box or Link bar last for about 10 to 30 years depending on how the jewelry consumer takes care of the otherwise durable fashion metal.

The mechanically bonded gold layer around a brass-based metal core ensures that the rolled gold chain lasts whereas real gold is soft and gold-plated Snail or Gucci necklaces on the other is non-scratch-resistant.

This makes gold-filled accessories the go-to jewelry of choice for many designers, jewelers, and consumers alike since GF items combine style, color (yellowish hue like pure gold), durability, or usually non-allergic, and price into a great fashion product to buy, gift for her or him.

How To Test A 1/20 Gold Filled Necklace To See If It’s Real or Not?

The best way to test if a chain is real or fake is to do the following:

  • Check for engraved jewelry marking on the necklace it should, by law, have a stamp indicating the karatage e.g. 14kt, followed by GF (gold-filled) and or 1/20 14kt GF, which means 1/20 of the chain is of real gold (5% pure gold rule America Stamping Act).
  • If it doesn’t, it´s fake gold-filled and illegally sold as one.
  • Visually checking for spotlessness, tarnishing, scratches. An authentic gold-filled dapped bar or another chain type, even cuff gold-filled bracelets, should not chip, wear off, and be scratch-resistant as a result of the high fine gold value and the high-temperature bonding process to guarantee relative material longevity of up to 30 years.
  • Bring it to a jeweler or pawnshop for a professional evaluation and metal identification (when selling it may be done for free, otherwise they may require a small fee depending on the quality, size, and design(er)

Note: Do not use sandpaper or acids as otherwise often advised and used by gold testing pawnshops or goldsmiths, as this is usually meant for real gold and not gold-filled which is only on the surface pure gold that can be removed when applying the above methods while trying to test if the gold-filled necklace is real or not.

Is A 14k Gold-Filled Sterling Silver Trim Necklace Worth Any Value?

A 14k gold-filled sterling silver trim chain is worth anywhere from $10.00 up to $400.00 of value depending on the brand, craftsmanship, and embellishments of the necklace. Commonly a gold-filled friendship choker mixed with sweet water pearls by a renowned jewelry designer will be more expensive than a cheap Hapuna pendant though both may look great.

Is It Ok To Wear A Pendant On A Gold Filled Chain Or Will It Hurt The Chain?

There are no issues wearing a pendant on a gold-filled necklace as long as the chain itself is made from a gold overlay or another solid gold, respectively scratch-resistant jewelry material like tungsten (hardness scale 10/10), platinum, palladium, titanium, and other non-tarnishing necklaces.

When wearing a rolled gold chain pendant as gold-filled (GF) is sometimes also referred to, just make sure that you clean possible tarnish (surface level corrosion) by using a clean cloth, soap, and water to prevent rust (entire metal corrosion).

Store your beloved GF ornament piece in a jewelry box and you can enjoy it for years to come.

Where Can I Get The best Gold-filled Chain Without Getting Ripped Off Or Scammed?

Next to your favorite and trusted brick-and-mortar certified jeweler the best place to get gold-filled chains without being ripped and scammed is a reputable online jewelry store like:

TOP 10 Online Jewelry Retailers:

Online Jewelry Store Speciality & Benefit  
  • Amazon Jewelry
Biggest online retailer in the USA, ships worldwide, buyer protection and return policy Shop here
  • Zales Diamond Store
Major US consumer jewelry online, including customer service etc. Click here for more
  • Pandora Jewelry Charms, Bracelets, Necklaces
 Large international jewelry brand focused on millennials, trend & fashion jewelry with online and local malls’ presence, esp in North America, Europe Get price & item
  • Mejuri Everyday Fine Jewelry
Canada-based online jeweler for the everyday Joe & Jill who like affordable fine chains, accessories Check more here
  • Jeniffer Fisher Jewelry
Plated-brass necklaces and other neat statement jewelries for the woman, girl next door Click here for more
  • Swarowski Jewelry, Watches, Crystals
The global crystal and jewelry giant from Austria, therefore reliable and solid chokers, pendants… Shop here
  • Missoma Gold, Silver & Personalized Demi-Fine Jewelry
Engraved gold-filled, vermeil, or plated, and solid necklaces specialist online Checkout price
  • Kay Jewelers
One of the most trusted US-American jewelry brands on the internet, affordable mid-range items Buy here
  • Brinker & Eliza Charms and Chains
Mother and Daughter online charms & chains retailer focusing on big fat statement pieces Visit website
  • Net-A-Porter Fashion Jewelry
Cutting-edge fashion jewelry/brand that offers international designer necklaces and much more Shop for more here  

These are my TOP 10 online jewelers who will inspire you, within your budget of course, while making sure you don’t get scammed or are ripped off.

Since they are all featured in major publications, have a long internet presence, or work with major online retailers and offer a good return policy / money-back guarantee.

In case that shouldn´t be the case, let me, us immediately and will verify and remove them from here of course.

Moreover, size does matter, however, it is relative, and supporting a hard-working online retailer that operates with integrity can go a long way.

Lastly, big brand jewelry sellers like Blue Nile, Tiffany & Co or Jared and Cartier, respectively Cartier are not featured here.

The reason is that obviously, these are fine jewelry companies for luxury products where being scammed is rare or doesn´t matter for the well-off here buying at an exclusive boutique store.

What Do These Markings Entail v2014 GFR 14k GF Charm Heart Shape Locket Worth?

The hallmarks v2014 GFR represent the following:

v – Volume weight of the locket jewelry

20 – the size of the weight expressed as 1/20 of the weight is real gold (5%)

14 – refers to the karatage / caratage (kt,ct or k/c) which is the gold layer purity measure in karat

GFR – stamping abbreviation for gold-filled rolled as required by law when selling jewelry to consumers

14k – 14 karat fine gold purity in a gold-filled charm

GF – modern mark on a pendant and other gold overlay accessories from necklaces to pins, earrings or rings

Whether you are shopping for a gift or self-love, buying jewelry makes more fun, when you know the key ins and out as presented here regarding necklaces that are gold-filled based.

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