What Jewelry Doesn’t Tarnish? — 8 Quick Tips


Nothing beats a pair of breathtaking huggie earrings matching that outstanding ropie necklace and the sparkling ring on her or his finger.

Wouldn’t it even be more amazing when this unique set of jewelry won’t tarnish, you rightfully ask? I hear you, loud and clear. 

There is certain contemporary fashion jewelry like fine gold or tungsten rings that luckily won’t deteriorate, turn your skin green, or tarnish after wearing it.

However, many other metals and alloys may or may not tarnish depending on factors like exposure, cleaning, coating, etc.,  that can encourage e.g. a bracelet to slowly wear off. 

Prevention can thankfully reverse discolor, though.

If you want to buy flawless jewelry, that doesn’t rust and discolor, but keeps the shine years from now and even after intensive water or skin contact, look no further and read on.

Here are the 8 best pieces of jewelry that do not tarnish:

#1 Stainless Steel Jewelry 

The success of stainless-steel jewelry earrings or bands and other accessories made of this metal can’t simply be denied.

What led to the popularity of stainless steel for the fashion industry is not just that it´s solid metal jewelry like non-rusting 925 sterling silver when taken care of the right way. It´s overall the inherent material properties built-in that attract designers and shoppers alike:

Benefits of Stainless-Steel Jewelry

  • Stainless steel is a solid iron alloy that contains chromium (11%) preventing it from rust
  • Stainless steel is free of nickel which means non-carcinogenic (no cancer trigger)
  • Jewelry considered stainless steel is hypoallergenic, therefore relatively healthy
  • Temperature resistant characteristics (up to 870 °C with chromium at 18%)
  • Environmentally friendly metal mixture and recyclable
  • Stainless-steel jewelry resist tarnishing
  • Lasts for a very long time due to stainless (corrosion resistant)
  • Durable jewelry material for bands, rings, earrings, or pendants etc.
  • Easy to form into fashion accessories like necklaces, anklets, and other products
  • Inexpensive jewelry compared to gold, diamond etc.

Drawbacks of Stainless-Steel Made Jewelry

  • This steel type often leaves fingerprints on the item
  • Metal may expand the hotter it gets (only at really hot temperatures)
  • When deeply scratched chromium may migrate into the body (though non-toxic)
  • Might be more expensive than bronze, brass, or copper jewelry materials

As you can see for yourself, stainless steel-based accessories are a safe non-tarnishing jewelry gift from promise to engagement rings for males and females alike.

In short, the benefits outshine the minor disadvantages of stainless-steel-inspired jewelry like cuffs or statement rings.

#2 Pure Silver Jewelry 

Silver jewelry like a glowing chain or the perfect friendship ring is a worldwide hit. Though I would, after my intense traveling, guess that especially in Northern Europe and high-class America it’s most popular.

What’s the deal and rave about silver jewelry?

Benefits of Silver-made Jewelry

  • Non-chemical active metal, therefore safe on this side
  • Rare metal resists oxidation and corrosion
  • Fine silver does not naturally tarnish
  • Silver-based accessories are fashionable
  • It’s a lightweight to carry jewelry
  • Easy to resize type of jewelry just in case
  • Slightly harder than precious metal or gold
  • Pure silver designer items are of high perceived value by receiver
  • Real silver is high quality (99% purity) that can always be resold, pawned, heir loomed

Drawbacks of Silver-based Jewelry

  • As a rare metal native silver is costly compared to e.g. stainless steel 
  • A rather soft metal that needs reinforcement, protection if extensively used
  • Prone to scratching and even break when too much pressure put upon it 

The downsides and pros of real silver give you a clear direction when considering non-tarnishing jewelry.

Personally, I prefer silver to gold. However, others may disagree, and I even understand why, when you look at the true nature of real gold.

#3 Fine Gold Jewelry

What would the world be without gold is a great question. Couples, kingdoms, and books full of stories about this precious and most famous metal on earth have influenced our public conscience. 

A gold jewelry piece still symbolizes luxury, abundance, and, like Cleopatra, eternal beauty. This is what gold was, is, and probably always going to represent. Nonetheless, there is more to it.

Benefits of Pure Gold Jewelry

  • Gold is one of the least reactive metals regarding acids, waters, or oxygen contact
  • Gold is considered the most precious metal in the field of relationship jewelry gifts
  • Fine gold does not tarnish and turn your finger green usually
  • It is an easy exchangeable item with pawn shops, cash for gold stores etc.
  • The metal has an inherent value and tradable worldwide and on stock markets
  • Real gold lasts for generations and beyond at nearly any location or condition

Drawbacks of Gold-based Jewelry

  • One of the most expensive precious metals

Fine gold (999) is rarely used, due to its high cost of production, and selling it to the consumer ain’t always easy.

This shortcoming is simultaneously its strength. The rather stable market price of gold, including pure gold jewelry pendants, fancy bands, or diamond gold ring settings makes it a great investment as well.

On my last trip to Dubai with my lovely girlfriend, we visited the Dubai Mall. The locals were flocking the jewelry stores and coming out with fine gold earrings, bracelets, and pendants like nothing.

There, gold is still king and every global or national crisis later, people stock more of the rare metal.


Well, maybe because gold-inspired pieces of jewelry fascinates us since recorded human history, and it possesses an intrinsic value one can always count on, matter the currency of the time or country.

Love loves gold is as well true for why this remarkable metal keeps us buying more of it, despite the craze on crypto, the supposedly new gold – will see on that one!

#4 Platinum Fashion Jewelry 

My favorite watch after high school was fashionable platinum jewelry, at least I thought until it was tarnished.

Was it real, fake or does platinum simply tarnish?

Benefits of Platinum-based Jewelry

  • Platinum is rare and therefore high perceived and real value
  • The precious metal’s silver-white color is fashionable (95% pure)
  • Color remains for years if not decades like brand-new purchased
  • It is quite durable because of its high metal properties quality
  • Non-nickel allergies known when wearing it (hypoallergenic)
  • More durable than gold, therefore great accessory wear
  • Less vulnerable if any to such things like sanitizers, acids etc.
  • Pure platinum will not tarnish

Drawbacks of Platinum Jewelry

  • More expensive than off the shelf retail fashion rings or chains
  • Weighs more than e.g. white gold
  • May dull over time, but not tarnish
  • Can be resized, however, at much higher prices
  • May suffer from scratches with improper use

Weighing up the costs versus benefits of platinum jewelry, it’s easy to see that this precious metal is worth its value when considering an astonishing platinum engagement ring as opposed to a gold-based.

Platinum is a naturally bright, durable, and elegant metal that does not tarnish. The few downsides you have, are maintainable. If for whatever reason it’s still not yours, no problem.

You still have a few more options left to select your own bling-bling from, as I did when realizing my platinum watch was a cheap imitation like that Rolex watch for only 97,00 USD.

I still cherish the gift idea, though maybe it was bought at a convincing street hawker back then.

Lesson learned. Choose wisely. Get informed like you are doing right now.

#5 Titanium Jewelry 

Titanium’s name has something gigantic with it associated and this is actually not entirely wrong, though nuances often determine the true character of metal.

Titanium is not as popular as pure silver or even stainless steel in jewelry making, selling or buying. 

Accessories made of this silver-like color metal are rare in comparison. However, those pieces you get your hand on may surprise you as well as your wallet.

Benefits of Titanium Fashion Jewelry

  • Naturally resistant to corrosion or oxidation (rust)
  • Titanium rings are for example quite durable
  • Considered high value though not as equal as  e.g. real gold
  • Affordable jewelry color alternative to e.g. fine silver 
  • Biocompatible metal, even more than gold
  • No green finger effect, ´cos doesn’t tarnish

Drawbacks of Titanium-based Accessories

  • Less valuable than gold or silver
  • May be as brittle as glass
  • Not as tradable with pawns and others like gold or diamond
  • May not resize to smaller (but resize up, which costs)

The case for an incredible titanium wedding band and so forth can be made when considering the cost-to-benefit ratio. 

The titanium metal is ideal jewelry for money savers who do not pay too much attention to perceived or real value and the latest fashion fad.

Titanium jewelry like personalized titanium promise rings is a great unisex gift to start a serious commitment with your significant other without spending too much money on expensive gold or diamond rings.

Save this for later lover boy or gal. Pick two cute titanium rings, and you’ll be fine as it still looks good on her and him.

#6 Tungsten Jewelry

Tungsten metal is getting more popular as people discover its unique qualities in the jewelry-making industry.

Consumers on the other side can’t resist the dark shade subtle appearance that is modern with many accessories we wear and carry today, e.g., mobile phones.

How or better why is tungsten slowly taking over the world of fashion jewelry though:

Benefits of Tungsten-based Jewelry

  • The highest melting point of all known metals
  • Tungsten is corrosion resistant
  • Tungsten won’t tarnish
  • Reasonable prices metal for jewelry use
  • Jewelry grade tungsten is considered safe and non-toxic
  • The tungsten metal (8.5 out of 10 hardness scale) nearly as hard as a diamond (10/10)

Drawbacks of Tungsten Jewelry

  • Hard metal in that can even break easily when not taken care of
  • Metal dust of tungsten may be flammable and toxic
  • May be considered a manly jewelry due to its color and hardness
  • Perceived value may be lower than gold, silver, or titanium

Engraved tungsten rings for men and women are a jewelry bestseller nowadays. Lovers who are tired of the same old fashion styles migrate to alternative accessories to make their love statements to themselves and the rest of the world unique.

This is a great development, I would say. The more of us express our lifestyles on our terms instead of constantly trying to conform to others, is the way forward though classic jewelry ain’t dead, of course.

In other words, that being said, go ahead and get your traditional diamond gold wedding ring or be more adventurous and buy a tungsten engagement ring or collar necklace set.

Just decide based on what you like and now know about tungsten versus titanium or gold and so on.

#7 Palladium Metal Jewelry

Palladium is one of the rarest metals on earth that designers make sparkling-styled fashion metals with.

How this less known precious metal made up the ranks to become one of the most sought-after jewelry secrets and possible shortcomings when wearing it, is next.

Benefits of Palladium-based Accessories

  • Lustrous silver-white metal resembling pure silver or platinum
  • High value compared to other precious metals (PMG)
  • 925 palladium is 95% pure, which means usually eliminates rashes etc.
  • Light, therefore perfect unisex jewelry set
  • More durable than e.g. silver due to lower melting point
  • Low toxicity grade as a result of low body absorption
  • Hypoallergenic in its composition, which favors your health
  • Due to market shortage, price up, so is its value
  • Palladium jewelry is usually doesn´t tarnish

Drawbacks of Palladium-based Jewelry

  • Quite rare compared to e.g. gold or platinum which translates increased retail price
  • The scarce resource leads to resizing issues due to lack of expert jewelers
  • Safe to wear precious metal, may just cause some light skin sensation occasionally
  • Limited options for accessory making by designers since too rare and sold at higher rates

Palladium bangles, rings, or pendants are a wonderful wedding ring option if you want something really different from all the more recognizable jewelry gifts out there.

It is more importantly a safe-to-wear piece. With a little of a price tag attached to it, though. In case you believe she is special and deserves something no one possesses, then an impressive diamond palladium jewelry set of a ring, chain, and teardrop earrings pairs may turn her into a princess (and you into her hero).


#8 Ceramic Jewelry

Ceramic bands for him or her are popular with sports and outdoor folks for a reason. No, I’m not talking about your grandma’s ceramic pot or the pottery’s cute vases here. 

Ceramic promise rings are based on titanium carbide, a silver-like metal with great jewelry characteristics worth getting to know better.

Benefits of Ceramic Jewelry

  • Ceramic for jewelry sets are a durable product
  • Affordable quality accessory in comparison and trendy
  • Doesn’t disintegrate or fade (esp. black ceramic piece)
  • It is resistant to such things like fading or scratches
  • Easy to mix in into ceramic alloy with others
  • Resistant to heat or thermal variation
  • Light weight and therefore great fashion wear
  • Ceramic-based jewelry is cobalt free, does not tarnish
  • The fashion item is quite hard (Moh’s scale:7 out of 10. e.g. fine gold is 3/10)

Drawbacks of Ceramic-made Accessories

  • Brittle as it is a rather hard jewelry piece
  • Durable only when it doesn’t break
  • Difficult to cut off and resize due to hardness scale

A black ceramic jewelry ring is a fashion statement no women or men can deny. You got it, the swag, style, trend identifier of the year.

Why go the traditional route, if you can surprise even your best friend or significant other with a handmade ceramic jewelry collection for her, him, or your anniversary?

Jewelry That Won’t Tarnish (Takeaway)

There you go! Eight hot shopping jewelry tips to gift and wear that do not tarnish.

Lastly, everything goes when it comes to unique jewelry fashion today. Especially pieces that do not harm, fade or turn your skin green like you were in The Hulk comic-based movie.

Make use and widen your trend horizon by getting something rare, special, and maybe individual – just like you.

It could be an engraved ceramic ring for him, personalized fine gold for her, or a birthstone tungsten unisex chain pendant for mom, dad, sibling, friend – you get the idea.

Just make it special like a memorable souvenir from Paris (no, not that fake Picasso for only $99.00), but this time, straight from your very next and updated stunning jewelry gift shortlist that won’t tarnish or harm.

Bill Dominic

Bill is an art history and business graduate. Moreover, he loves to test, compare, shop jewelry & fashion items for his 5 sisters, girlfriend, nieces when not enjoying a great novel.

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