Choosing The Right Necklace Length Guide: Women, Men, Child


How do you pick the right size necklace, if you want to look graceful like the unforgettable Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra or trendy like Beyoncé?

Well, maybe figure out the most important necklace length features typically worn in advance that will benefit the overall fashion statement you want to showcase depending on the event, mood, and style preference.

Generally, the most common necklace length is 18 inches (45.72 cm) for the average woman and 20 inches (50.8 cm) for men. That said, neck width, body type, face shape, and wardrobe style may determine your ideal necklace length from choker to lariat chains, etc

Let me know help you find the best chain length to buy, wear, and flatter – depending on the following key necklace size factors:

Necklace Size Chart For Women

Necklace Length Body Location Neck & Face Type Chain Style Guide
14″ (35 cm) Clavicle Bone Long Neck &  Oval/Heart/Triangle Face Collar
16″ (40 cm) Above Collarbone Long Neck | Oval/Heart/Triangle Face Choker
18″ (45 cm) Collarbone Level Everyone | Oval & Every Face Type Princess
20″ (50 cm) Just Below Collarbone Oval Face Matinée
22″ (56 cm) Below Collarbone / Chest Oval/Square Face Long Locket /Pendant
24″ (61 cm) Bust Level Oval/Round Face Pendant / Locket
36″ (91 cm) Bust Center/Below Oval/Round Face Pendant / Charm

Necklace Length Explained

There are different necklace sizes standardized by the jewelry industry ranging from:

  • standard necklace lengths,
  • popular female sizes,
  • necklace lengths male, and of course
  • childrens necklace sizes.

This is true throughout the world, including the USA just like with ring sizes and not so much though with a unified bracelet size for example.

Popular Chain Lengths

This chain-size article guides you through your necklace-buying journey, either for yourself or as a jewelry gift for a loved one.

As demonstrated by the chart above, there are roughly 7 necklaces in length sizes for women, whereby the 18 inch (45.72 cm) is the most popular one because it best suits average women taller than 5`4 (163 cm) in height.

In case you want to shop for additional accessories like the popular customized jewelry style that goes with your necklace, then please click one of the favorites like this one on what jewelry appreciates in value, for a holistic picture.

How To Find Out My Necklace Size

  • Get a measuring tape and wrap it around your neck
  • Note down the inch or centimeter you’ve found out
  • Add 1 or better 2 inches (5.08 cm) comfort zone for short necklaces like collars or chokers
  • Add three to four inches (10 cm) for standard length sizes like princess necklaces

Alternatively, you can measure your existing necklace collection using a measuring take if your body size hasn’t changed, especially when neck length and width haven’t changed. For that, you can just double-check by quickly fitting your existing chains, jot down the length size, then move on.

Chain Placement Explained

Next to the necklace width and length is the position where your chain will lastly lay the key for choosing the proper necklace to proudly wear like the iconic Heart of the Ocean necklace worn by Kate Winslet in Titanic.

Make sure when you use a flexible tape measure or using your jewelry as a template that you check with the necklace chart for women above if indeed the correspondence between length and position more or less, fits.

Adjust your result where necessary, especially handy with bridesmaid jewelry that needs to match.

Face Shape & Necklace Facts

After you’ve successfully measured you are now getting closer to a perfect necklace for that important event, job interview, or romantic date. 

Let’s now get the details right and make sure your face shape fits that stunning statement jewelry. 

There are basically 6 face shapes:

  • Oval Face – most common face type that can wear any fashion jewelry necklace from short to the long, lucky gal
  • Round Face – great with mid-long lockets or pendants to accentuate and compliment the face
  • Square Face – face type that can highlight shape by wearing e.g. modern long locket, elegant slim chains
  • Triangle Face – preferably shorter necklaces like chokers, though dangling rose gold lariat may work well too
  • Diamond Face – more or less the same as triangle since both long faces 
  • Heart Face – as a kind of a combo between round and diamond, choker, flat long collier work

These are of course just general necklace face shape guidelines since there are more sub-face types, and so many combinations and factors that you should consider.

For instance, a specific shorter necklace may require a certain face shape and so forth.

Therefore, take these jewelry tips as the first steps to your perfect chain selection.

Chain Type Style Guide

The last and brief part I would like to draw your attention to, after necklace length, placement, and face shape is necklace type.

For every measured neck chain size, face, and body type (short/tall, full, bust type) there is a recommended jewelry style guide you can look at when lost, unsure, or just in search of some fashion inspiration to suite your mood.

Average oval faces with an average female body type and height can, as previously discovered, wear nearly any size, jewelry, design, style, or necklace type.

Other females (and men for that matter)  which of course, summed together, are in the majority, have to be a little picky to gain the same results of highlighting their best neck body parts accordingly.

Depending on your body, wrinkles, and neck length a matinée, lariat, or colorful graduated bead may be the right wear necklace choice regarding material, visuals, feel, and style.

Necklace Jewelry Style, Length & Occasion

Style choices like jewelry for work, everyday wear chains, necklaces, or event-based weddings, engagements, or anniversaries also fit into this category and should be considered when making a jewelry chain style choice.

Best Necklace Length For Men 

From the popular 14K gold Cuban link chain to engraved dog pendants or beaded gold-filled necklaces. Men too love unique jewelry gifts for them if done right.

Men Necklace Length Body Location Chain Type
18” (45 cm) Above collarbone Short Cuban Link, Beaded 
20” (50 cm) Collarbone Every Type
22” (56 cm) Below Collarbone Dog Pendant / Religious Cross /Buddha/Hamsa
24” (61 cm) Between Breast & Collarbone Long Box / Rope Chain

As for neck length, width, torso, and men’s fashion preferences, the perfect men’s necklace length guide has similar requirements as for the female collar.

Since men are on average taller and have thicker necks, you have to consider giving a bit more space between your curb chain and otherwise narrow chain necklaces.

What’s The Ideal Men Chain Length?

The standard necklace length for an average man is 20 inches (50.8 cm) and sits around or exactly on a male collarbone. This is the ideal chain placement for any guy necklace type, be it a silver Cuban link curb chain or a classic omega snake chain. Height, neck thickness, and trend are additional criteria.

Ideal Necklace Length For Children

Kids Age  Child Necklace Size Necklace Type
Babies: Up to 1 years 8”-10” (10 cm) Heart Name Chain
Toddlers:1-4years 11”-12” (30 cm) Name Birthstone 
Youngsters:5-12years 13”-15” (38 cm) Infinity Circles
Teenagers:13/14+ years From 16” (40 cm) Boys & Girls Charms

When it comes to necklaces for children make sure you bear in mind that they grow fast. Therein, make sure that one year after gifting it, the child or teen can still wear it. 

Alternatively, just get them an affordable, but suitable costume jewelry piece (e.g. beaded necklace or lobster claw clasps) you can financially replace easily, though fashion sustainability is a topic to consider.

Moreover, for safety reasons, babies and toddlers shouldn’t wear a necklace when a parent or adult person isn’t 24 hours around and constantly monitoring.

That being said, teething pieces of jewelry to help our little ones cope with tooth pain are strongly warned against by authorities and health experts, avoid it if you can.

Other than that, go ahead and make him or her a happy child by shopping for collarbone teenage jewelry together and building that unique adult-child bond.

Popular Necklace Type for Children

Other than that, personalized necklaces for teenagers with their names on them are guaranteed to make you a cool and number 1 mom, dad, sister, or grandparent and relative (no easy fit with teens today as you know:).

It’s on top, a great, unique kids’ gift for birthdays, Christmas, or graduation they’ll probably never forget since the perceived value is high just like your love for them.

Picking The Right Necklace Length Summary

Selecting the perfect necklace length for women, men, and children is not that difficult once you incorporate this hopefully handy jewelry guide as your chain fashion companion.

From eye-catching vintage gold collars to custom precious diamond négligée necklaces or personalized edgy sterling silver chains, you know now how to choose, wear, or gift necklaces with confidence and the right length size.

If everything you tried still failed, then you are a hopeless case unable to measure and compare necklace length correctly. The fashion police must quickly get hold of you:).

What is then a normal necklace chain length?

Jokes aside, your last jewelry shopping option and tip for picking a suitable chain necklace length are to go for a size fits all adjustable necklace that will pass every critique, mirror test, and selfie shot.

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