Best Promise Ring Vows for Her & Him Guide


What do you say to your girlfriend when you give her a promise ring jewelry? 

There are many promise ring vows couples exchange with one another and I’ve collected some of the best quotes, short unique vows for her to funny or religious sayings from across cultures, respectively countries for your inspiration.

Moreover, instead of being clueless, you will hopefully select one for the special ceremony and gift her or him a unique personalized promise ring meaning jewelry afterward.

Short Promise Ring Quotes

I love you


Just us

In eternal love

Forever and ever

For all eternity

Now & Forever

The infinity symbol ∞

Love is infinite

Nobody except you 

Hand in hand forever

Beginning of forever

To the moon and back

My heart is yours

You explain me

Same team, high five

I go with you go you want

You and me on the way to us

Every second with you

You are deep inside me

You are my happiness

Always close to you

Every way to you

You have my heart

One at heart

Two hearts, one beat

My life my love

When in doubt, cuddle

At your hand for a lifetime

Forever Yours. Forever Mine. Forever us.

No promise vow can be fully appreciated without the background knowledge of jewelry each finger “has” to carry to signal and express certain traits or traditions.

Therefore, I’ve prepared for you a handy guide here on ring finger symbols for her and him that explains it all.

  • Name of her or him date (example: Mary 8.4.2021)
  • ♡Name♡
  • ♡Date♡
  • Love of my life♡
  • First name♡♡Second name
  • Forever “name”
  • Initials♡ (example: M ♡ J
  • In love “name”
  • Yours♡
  • GPS coordinates

I love you Promise Ring Vows (in 15 world languages)

Ti amo (Italian)

Te amo (Spanish)

Je t‘aime (French)

Eu te amo (Portuguese)

‘ahbak (Arabic)

Se agapo (Greek)

Ani ohev otakh (Hebrew)

Nakupenda (Swahili/East Africa)

Ich liebe dich (German)

Ya tebya liubliu (Russian)

Saya sayang awak (Malay)

Aku cinta kamu (Indonesian)

Wo ai ni (Mandarin/Chinese)

main tumse pyar karti hoon (Hindi/India)

Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu (Japanese)

Religious Promise Ring Vows

religious promise ring vows

  • Forever, Amen
  • See the other as God intended him to be
  • I am with you and I want to protect you wherever you go (Moses 28:15)
  • You put my feet in a wide space (Psalm 31: 9)
  • Love is patient (Corinthians 13: 4)
  • Love will never cease (Corinthians 13: 8)
  • Help one another bear your burdens (Gal. 6: 2)
  • You put my feet in a wide space (Psalm 31: 9)
  • With my God, I can jump over walls (Psalm 18:30)
  • It is not good for man to be alone (Moses 2:18)
  • Let all your things be done in love (Corinthians 16: 4)
  • Don’t throw away your trust, which is of great importance (Hebrew 10:35)

Latin Promise Ring Sayings

Tatus Tuus (Forever Yours)

Eternum (Forever only you)

Mea fortuna (My luck / fate)

In omne tempus (For all time)

In perpetuum (Forever)

Non desunt me (I miss you)

Tempus fugit, amor manet (Time flies, love remains)

Amor vincit omnia (Love conquers everything)

Semper amemus (We love each other forever)

Amantes amentes (Lovers are crazy)

Me et te ut unum (You and me, we are one)

Sine te nihil sum (I’m nothing without you)

Omnia vincit amor (Love conquers everything)

Per omnem vitam solum tecum (Only with you through life)

Pro amore vitae meae (For the love of my life)

Possum esse sine te (I can’t be without you)

nunc scio quid sit amor (Now I know what love is)

Funny Promise Ring Quotes

  • Balance humor with romance
  • You can officially annoy me eternally
  • Serious? Don’t want a ring, I want an iPhone
  • I vow to always love you even during football season
  • Finally… you have a reason to get pregnant. Congratulations
  • I promise never to take the hanger out on you
  • The secret of a happy relationship remains – a secret
  • I promise to let you win the occasional argument, even when I’m right
  • Can’t promise you the world, but tacos and touch your butt
  • It is not just a ring, but a promise to die together. Congratulations

There you go, a promise ring quote that is going to your significant other happy and laugh with you, that´s love.

5 Myths About Promise Rings For Couples

myths promise ring vows couples

There are many myths around promise rings (from bad luck to sexual orientation) that I would like to bust and clarify, in case you are worried about giving someone a gift she might not enjoy down the road.

Promise ring message:

  • # 1 What it means when a woman wears her promise ring on her left thumb

Homosexual communities have developed their very own relationship status symbols. One of them is wearing a promise ring on a specific finger.

When one wears the ring on the left-hand thumb then this means he’s in a relationship, whereas wearing the promise ring right-hand thumb indicates he or she is single. Period.

Heterosexuals occasionally wear one too.

  • #2 Bad Luck with A Promise Ring Meaning

According to this myth, having a promise ring jewelry, although you are not engaged yet, is a signal of future bad luck in finding your Mr. or Mrs. Right.

This is more of a superstitious belief, common sense, or reality. A promise ring does not come with bad luck for a happy marriage in the future, may even strengthen mutual love.

  • #3 Are Engagement Rings Not For Both Partners

The assumption that promise rings are not for men and women is wrong. These rings are specially made for couples.

People often mistake a promise ring for an engagement ring, whereby the latter is often only gifted by him for her. Modern lovers challenge even that age-old tradition, and females gift an engagement ring sometimes too.

  • #4 Adults Don’t Give Promise Rings

The myth that adults do not give each other promise rings isn’t true at all. From young people in college or even below up to grown-up adults can buy a promise ring for their significant other.

Promise rings are an amazing symbol and vow for a deepening and serious love relationship.

  • #5 You can’t buy yourself a promise ring

A few years back a viral tweet stormed the internet when a female talked about how she bought herself a promise ring.

She more or less stated that yes, you can buy yourself a promise ring as a symbol of self-love that can’t be betrayed by someone falling out of love or even cheating. 

Why not? 

A truly unique promise ring speech for her or him. Just a few words can mean the difference, it doesn´t need to be the wedding ring from the get-go.

By the way, any ring can be a promise ring. There is no special promise ring for couples, just your tastes and budget determine the type of ring you buy for her or him.

And ladies, if you want a promise ring, don’t waste time, just drop some hints or communicate it – too often men are clueless in matters of love.

Unfortunately, countless men are good at guessing which football team is going to make it this season rather than which romantic symbol, from a flower bouquet to holding a mesmerizing promise ring speech for her.

There you have it, busted myths.

Promise rings are a real deal, a great idea, and not something you do between a Starbucks visit and calling up a friend you last saw a year ago. 

Sure, it’s not the big and most expensive ring jewelry to slip on each other’s fingers from your unforgettable wedding day.

Nonetheless, a promise ring is a true commitment symbol, signaling the next important relationship step.

Take your time and a romantic location or moment to promise one another this special gift for couples in deep love.

Do you kneel when giving a promise ring?

Typically, you don’t have to kneel when giving a promise ring, this is reserved for an engagement ring before a wedding proposal. The promise ring is the first ring that visualizes to everyone that you are committed to a monogamous relationship and ready for the next step. 

How long should you wait to give a promise ring?

Generally speaking, you should wait until 9 to 12 months before giving a promise ring to her or him. Before that, you’re just at the beginning of a relationship aka the honeymoon phase. Under exceptional circumstances, you may make the move, if you’ve been living together for 24h and truly know each other.

What finger should a promise ring go on?

An unmarried female may wear a promise ring jewelry on the ring finger on her left hand, as tradition and common practice suggest.

Modern couples today put on the ring either on any finger or even on a necklace.

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