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In this article, I´m going to finally answer all your beginner and advanced promise rings questions no matter how unique or odd they seem to the ordinary jewelry consumer, because my experience with 5 sisters, nieces, and girlfriend have taught me some useful facts and hard lessons.

Besides that, you deserve it and it´s a pleasure to share. By the way, if you haven´t already check out my fundamentals promise ring meaning guide, in case you shouldn´t get your question answered below.

Is it better for a girl to get a promise ring for her birthday or Valentine’s?

When a girl receives a promise ring from her lover on Valentine´s day instead of her birthday, then it can potentially mean that the romantic relationship is exclusive, about to get more deep and serious, because typically promise rings symbolize romantic commitments, just like Valentine´s day gifts, especially within younger demographics.

On the other hand, if the significant other is impatient, the person can gift her a 14k solid gold promise ring on her birthday as well, though Valentine´s day is probably unbeatable concerning romance and expectations for a possible engagement.

What should I do if my crush has a promise ring but not a girlfriend that I am aware of?

Since a promise ring is a symbol of a romantic commitment and pre-engagement sign, one should either approach the crush with a direct question about the ring to resolve the question in your head and avoid possible embarrassment. If you have a crush on someone wearing a promise ring it might be that he bought it for himself or it´s from the Ex, just ask and move on depending on the response.

Life is short and he might wear the commitment ring for fun, comfort, or because indeed he´s in a relationship – ask.

Things to say to prove that you’re ready for a promise ring?

Relationship StatusThings To Say or Do
Fresh Relationship ( up to 3 months)Nothing, wait and nurture
Growing Relationship ( 3 – 6 months)Nothing, wait and nurture
Maturing Relationship ( 6- 12 months)Indicate your love for symbols like rings
Mature Relationship (12 months+)Chat with significant other positively about promise rings
Dying RelationshipSolve underlying issues first, before desparetely asking

Love is not only about give and take, but honesty, communication, and attraction. Therefore when it comes to receiving a stunning heart-shaped diamond promise ring from him or her timing and communication are key.

These 5 stages of relationship status are an orientation concerning how to communicate or act appropriately if you want to prove that you are ready to put that ring down your fingers.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, it all depends on the personality, occasion, relationship status, and timing to ask for the promise to ring the right way. There is a right and a wrong time to do so.

She rejected my promise ring what to do?

If a girl rejects a promise ring gift, then you can either take it back and move on with your life, since there is literally nothing to do to force someone to love you. Alternatively, if you honestly reflect and know that she still loves you, then directly ask her the underlying reasons for the ring rejection.

A third way to react to turn down a romantic gift like a promise ring is to seek help from someone who knows both of you and can either give you advice or ask on your behalf in case you are unable to do, which in itself indicates a real problem of the relationship.

A true and deep relationship is work, reflection, and passion in a seemingly rotating manner.

Can you give a promise ring to win your girl back?

You can not give a promise ring to an ex, because a promise ring is mainly there to symbolize romantic relationship commitment and not to win your ex back. However, you can use such a jewelry gift to finalize a reunion after you´ve both agreed to get back together, though even such a ring can be too soon.

In fact, many exes can react angrily when an ex gifts them a symbol of love like a bright ring, because they might have moved on with a new partner or they are reminded of a back relationship they don’t want to move back to.

Whatever the reason, starting your reconnection with a big move like a promise ring present, is like asking your new boss for a pay raise after a week of work in a new company.

Mostly working on yourself and finding out what went wrong on your side, understanding how healthy romantic relationships generally work, then mastering communicating authentically are better action steps to take to win your Ex-wife or girlfriend back and find new and fulfilling love.

Should a married woman accept a promise/friendship ring from another man who she has been friends with for 16 years?

A married woman shouldn´t accept a promise ring from another man outside her marriage since this type of jewelry gift typically symbolizes pre-engagement couple status. Moreover, even a friendship ring may be interpreted wrongly and is more common among young adults or teenagers than married people.

If I engrave a promise ring with both our names on it significant others whose name goes first?

As a general rule of thumb, your partner´s name comes first on the ring you wear and your name comes first on the ring the significant other wears. In short, traditionally if he gifts her a personalized promise name ring then his name comes first on it and if she gifts him a custom name ring then her name comes first on his breathtaking 14k gold promise ring.

My boyfriend gave me a promise ring so what do I call him now?

You still call your boyfriend the same as prior to the gift, because socially when a boyfriend gives a promise ring he, visually through the jewelry gift, commits to a romantic relationship as well as showing exclusivity without an immediate engagement ring or wedding in the near future.

This is a result of the growing trend of couples tying the knot much later than it used to be, especially in Western cultures like the USA, UK, or Australia., though Southern and Eastern cultures are slightly following as the chart below indicates:

Global First Marriage Age Averages

Infographic: When People Get Married Around the World | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

This trend emerged in the late 1960s with more women occupying jobs and the necessity of modern life where both men and women have to work to pay the bills.

The more women are formally working, the later the weddings take place, even in Catholic countries like Southern Europe.

Promise rings are a rather new way of articulating commitment and exclusivity among younger generations as they try to climb the socioeconomic status from high school to college, and corporate.

Though the older you are, the more one may consider directly an engagement and wedding ring shortly after to show your seriousness at this stage in one´s life, where most of the time the basic needs are fulfilled, except that of being happily married of course.

Who Should You Give A Promise Ring Or Not?

Girlfriend or BoyfriendYES
Platonic FriendMaybe
Friend with BenefitMaybe

You can give a promise ring to almost anyone close to you, including yourself since this type of ring can symbolize commitment, exclusivity, or a promise to someone about the future ahead together.

This promise can range from mutual romance to strengthening friendship (friendship ring) or commitment to oneself (commitment ring) and so forth.

A promise ring jewelry is a special gift and therefore belongs to the person it was handed to and they are usually no strings attached, unless the couple or friends have explicitly, maybe even unromantically documented it somewhere.

Therefore, there is usually legally no way to demand a jewelry present back from your Ex after a split. Socially too no one can force another person to hand over back that personalized double baguet couples ring.

Some people in your life or used to be might find it uncomfortable or even disgusting when one gives them a promise ring or wants it back. It is socially less acceptable in most scenarios to give an Ex or a platonic friend such symbolic jewelry outside of friendship rings which are mutually pre-agreed upon.

Whenever you gift, make sure, that you have set your expectations right, and that the ring, necklace, or bracelet accessory will be probably gone to her or him for good, no matter how your mutual future develops.

In case you can´t live with this fact, then you probably shouldn´t buy him or her an expensive 10k yellow custom engraved birthstone promise ring in the first place.

For those who want to give a promise ring back, do it straight away and decline it if you already know that he or she is not the one for all romantic jewelry gifts. In terms of taste, let him or her know you prefer another type you would love to shop together within his or her price range.

Ultimately, a ring, be it traditionally a gold diamond set engagement ring or today´s pre-engagement rings like custom initial name rings carries a lot of emotions for those gifting and probably the one who´s intended to wear the sparkling on the finger.

Make sure, though always a bit risky, that you both want the same, then a promise ring could be a great foundation to build upon until the white wedding day knocks on your doors.

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Bill is an art history and business graduate. Moreover, he loves to test, compare, shop jewelry & fashion items for his 5 sisters, girlfriend, nieces when not enjoying a great novel.

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