What Does It Mean When A Guy Buys You A Promise Ring? And what not


Have you ever been lucky to either receive or gift a promise ring to a person before? Whether yes or no, this brief explanation below will reveal all you need to know about promise ring gifts from a guy.

When a guy buys you a promise ring then it usually means that he is, on one side, deeply in love with you. O the other hand, unable to make the final step. That last step is of course a proposal, including an engagement ring followed by a wedding.

The reason a man, for instance, a boyfriend, gifts her a promise ring instead of an engagement ring is what we will now explore in greater detail, albeit concise.

What a Promise Ring (Really) Mean from a Boyfriend

From a boyfriend’s perspective, a promise ring jewelry means first that he is totally committed to a romantic relationship.

The jewelry ring is THE visible symbol of his love towards her. Wearing it says you are mine, and I tremendously value you. Our bond, you, and the world should officially know about us.

The true meaning of a promise ring vow to him is not a mystery, but I guess it is nevertheless good to know why a man really gives a woman such a gift beyond the obvious.

Is it really all about love or social pressure from her? Maybe a trend craze by friends or traditional family values to adhere to and finally a symbol of a materialistic society?

Furthermore, gifting a  promise gold diamond setting or any other ring-type could be just genuine intentions of deep love as well. 

Either or, to find the truth behind his noble and romantic deed, let’s first define what we mean when we talk about promise rings.

Definition of a Promise Ring From A Man

A promise ring from him means:

  • He’s committed, but not yet ready to marry you (time, money, location)
  • The man is committed, but wants to enjoy gifting you the first of many rings of love to come (friendship to promise to an engagement ring and finally the wedding rings)
  • Grown up boy is committed by spending money on an engraved ring for couples
  • A man is committed by buying you what you expect (in case that’s the reason)
  • He is committed, but is not 100% sure you are, therefore he starts slow

These Top 5 are all good reasons for a man to give you a unique promise ring. This however shouldn’t be mistakenly for other reasons you might be thinking immediately but are insecure if they are true.

Let’s dig in a little deeper and find out, why guys gift female promise rings and why not.

Does a Promise Ring Mean You Are Engaged?

A promise ring doesn’t mean you are engaged when he gifts it to you out of the blue. It simply symbolizes, from his perspective at least, that you are now in a serious relationship both hopefully fully committed to. The prospect of more, e.g. engagement isn’t ruled out, but also not guaranteed yet.

It’s one step closer on the relationship ladder, however not ready to tie the knot yet. You’re maybe thinking, hey Chad, I’m ready. He silently signals though, Holds on Brianna.

He’s committed, hence the surprise promise ring. Nevertheless, time, place, and occasion for more may still be to come.

An engagement ring on bent knees is the natural next step when he feels this relationship is sailing to a happy marriage in the near future.

Be patient, supportive as well as open-minded, and most importantly grateful for the ring gift sign of his love.

Are Promise Rings a Good Idea?

Promise rings are nowadays an accepted social norm. An idea to symbolize a strong relationship of a couple and a romantic sign from him as countless men usually have problems verbally communicating their affection. In fact, pre-engagement gifts that last and are meaningful should flatter her.

These jewelry rings can enhance and deepen a relationship, especially those which had one or more bumps along the way (you and I know exactly what I’m talking about, right?:)

When a man takes such a step it’s not only great but should be applauded, encouraged doing so by a female. Not just neutrally acknowledged like a free dessert at your favorite restaurant.

Many men are discouraged to move on in a relationship because they harbor insecurities too, ladies. It’s just that they will never easily admit it because this will seem like they are weak men, which is in our society a no-go, at least among men.

Therefore, if you want him to graduate the relationship status from seeing us to marriage, let him go through the steps, including a romantic promise ring present.

What Are The Disadvantages of Promise Rings For Him?

Some people argue that a promise ring is a waste of time and money. Some men feel that they still have a lot of commitments when it comes to marriage.

They argue why they must be the sole provider of all these expensive jewelry rings from promise or engagement to, respectively wedding rings?

Moreover, why does the significant other, a.k.a. female counterpart, doesn’t complement 50% like in same-sex marriages?

It’s a legit argument if you ask me, modern girls.

The question is if emancipation is really what we all want, then both should share the costs of a wedding as well 1:1.  

Honesty, otherwise it’s cherry-picking, what do you think?

On the other side, big boys, women and their families too pay nowadays a lot of money to make the special day a success for the couple, not just for her.

A wedding dress is an expensive investment that only lasts for a day. At the end of the day, depending on your very own traditions and values, if you love each other you will find a way to share.

Love is and should be ideally mutually practiced.

How To Choose the Perfect Promise Ring (For Her)

Now that you have in-depth knowledge of promise rings, it’s time to choose the perfect promise ring for your significant other.

What is the best promise ring for her?

Classic female rings like white or rose gold are evergreens just like pure sterling silver 925. They are feminine, timeless, and vary in price for every pocket. There are popular rose gold rings for her like titanium rings on the jewelry market that attract more and more couples.

In case you should consider your relationship as emancipated and she desires a promise ring for him and vice versa, then, go for a fashionable sterling silver ring that a man can also happily stand behind.

The most memorable because the unique type of rings today are personalized promise rings for him and her where you add your name, initials, or date. These name rings can, of course, be complemented with name necklaces or bracelets.

What is more special than an engraved ring with her name or initials? I don’t know, especially when you can add a precious gemstone or more of choice to the jewelry mix.

Classy, personal, and absolutely an eye-catcher.

Whichever unforgettable promise ring you get, make it for her or him unique, your love deserves it.

How To Give A Promise Ring (To Her)

Now that you have chosen your favorite promise ring. It’s time to give it to the one you love, but how, is the question at hand.

  • First step: How to give a promise ring

The best way to give a promise ring jewelry is by timing your gift correctly. For that, you need to know your girlfriend well.

She might enjoy birthdays or anniversaries like the day you met, first kissed, moved together, and so on.

  • Second Step: Right Location

Choose the perfect location where you 100% know she loves the spot (e.g. favorite restaurant, outdoor park, her beloved theater, etc.).

Do not select a too busy or noisy and dirty location where romance has little space to shine through.

  • Third Step: The Right Words

Depending on your specific relationship or status she might like your comedic side, then try that out.

If she prefers a classic romantic verse from your lips or Shakespeare then go that route, just don’t be lame. 

On the other, If she’s a down-to-earth girl that is comfortable with you being shy in words, then pour your heart in short authentic words that she’ll never forget.

That’s it. You’ve done it.

Make sure the promise ring price tag is off, and that precious ring is wrapped perfectly as she prefers it, or let the shop assistant or someone you trust in relationship and romance help you out.

And girls, if you’re reading this and want the same results, just forward this article to him with a smiley:)

Which Finger Should a Promise Ring Be?

A promise ring finger for a female is commonly on the ring finger of the left hand (the finger between your pinkie and middle finger). On the other side, there are women and couples who have decided to push that tradition aside and just wear them anywhere they feel comfortable.

Another form of wearing the commitment ring is to carry it like a pendant. As you can see, how and where you put it doesn’t matter. What counts is that you do carry it with pride for everyone to see (sister, neighbor come on don’t envy, be happy for her).

How Much Does a Promise Ring Cost?

It can start from as low as around $50.00 for a reasonable quality ring up to thousands of US dollars. Whether you prefer a pure gold and platinum ring with 14-carat (rather expensive) diamond or stone customized promise rings with her names inside (rather reasonably priced). 

A promise ring for her varies in price. The amount of a commitment ring depends purely on your taste and budget.

Affordable promise rings for females in a classic style like 14K gold and other precious metals or modern 925 sterling silver infinity rings with colorful gemstones are all available at your disposal.

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