What Does a Ring On a Necklace Mean?


There are some people who you’ve surely noticed are carrying a ring on a necklace, and you have no clue what’s behind this seemingly growing trend.

A cute rose necklace is usually a great feminine accessory for women. Men too love to wear a gold chain that underlines their masculinity and personality, but what’s with this ring on a necklace thing?

Allow me to explain to you in a few words the many reasons behind this jewelry mystery.

A ring on a necklace has various meanings for different people and cultures. In the old days, widows used to wear a necklace ring as a memory of their deceased whereas today it is also a symbol of relationship commitment, health-related, work-based reasons, and much more.

Not only the history of putting a ring on a classy necklace is fascinating, but the lesser-known facts below can make you a personality and jewelry insider when you shop and share what you’re about to find out.

Ring Necklace for Guys Meaning (4 Reasons)

A ring necklace for men is what I first encountered while still in high school. One of my friends, who happened to be a Latino, was carrying one and I wondered if that’s the tradition in Latin America.

It wasn’t the case (despite the Miami Vice classic series trying to convince us of the opposite).

#1 Promise and Engagement Ring Vow

The first reason I’d like to dive into why guys wear a ring necklace is because of the following:

  • To symbolize their commitment to the one they love. It’s unclear though where this custom originates from that men put their promise ring on a chain necklace as a sign of love and serious relationship symbolism.

#2 Manual Work-related

  • A second meaning of male necklace ring wearing is to avoid damage to the ring while at work. Many jobs men still do today are intensive, manual work.

These tedious jobs like working in a car workshop or heavy machine assembly line require men to make their hands literally dirty. 

This can include handling electric machines, chemicals, and other materials that might harm even a strong tungsten wedding ring for men.

Though of course before my sisters go after me, females also execute such work, however not at the same male rate currently.

#3 Health-based Issues

  • Thirdly, males slip their beloved rings on necklaces due to health-related problems they experience. When a man gains weight as a result of an unhealthy diet, then his ring finger can swell. 

In this case, the engagement ring might not survive until the wedding day because it simply doesn’t fit him anymore.

To prevent possible damage or knuckle issues when trying to move it, many males put the ring off their fingers and onto their neck jewelry chain.

Except for the cool Hip Hop and Hipster dudes of course, who would never mix their gold chains with a diamond ring pendant in their unique ring symbolism fashion style, of course.

#4 Memorabilia Jewelry

  • Fourth, men carrying a ring on their necklace do it on a very personal level as a way to remember a deceased relative. Often that special one is a wife as well as any close member of their family like a parent, sibling, or grandparents.

This is actually a tradition dating back and originally only carried out by females, which leads us straight into our next sub-topic.

Ring Necklace for Girls Meaning (A to E)

ring necklace for her meaning

Females too have their very own good reasons why put a ring on an otherwise amazing collar necklace from him or when purchased for themselves.

Their story behind the action is partly based on the same as that of men. 

  1. Pregnancy-related

When a woman gets pregnant a lot in her life changes. The most altering physical in nature, though the mental may be at various degrees affected as well.

Her engraved diamond 925 sterling silver engagement ring she loves so much may need a new place because her fingers are swollen from the pregnancy.

The weight gain as a result of having a newborn commands a change of course. The sparkling ring wanders from her hands and fingers to the chest as a hanging pendant on a necklace.

This is actually quite common with many pregnant females across the board and makes perfect sense to preserve the sacred and valuable wedding ring.

  1. Tradition-based Widow

Another meaning why mostly grown-up girls wear a ring on a matinée necklace is because they became widows.

Back in the day females wore in most Western countries like the US black dresses and moved their wedding rings off their fingers to their necklaces. As a sign of respect and memory of their perished husbands, where dying relatively young as a male was common.

To this day women, especially the older generation, still keep this grief tradition alive. You may occasionally find a young female widow carrying a wedding ring lariat chain today as well.

  1. Promise Vow Related

Some girls walk around the city proudly wearing their shining promise ring on an equally dazzling princess necklace as a symbol of a promise vow to him.

This meaning of ring chain marriage is of course true to their counterpart as well.

The mutual commitment ring attached to a necklace is a rather new trend evolving into a modern-day tradition, if you can even go that far to label it that way.

It’s actually cute and definitely better than getting a spontaneous partner tattoo in Las Vegas.

What do you think?

Often this ring is not just a simple one. A personalized promise ring with his or her name or initials is getting popular with Millennials.

Love it.

  1. Safety Related

Let’s be honest, many modern women often juggle between home, kids, their parents, work, and the gym. 

Some run errands to make things perfect for the family, except for themselves. This may translate into things going badly wrong. The result could be, for example, the breaking of a precious birthstone ring for mom.

One way to make sure that your wonderful ring gift doesn’t become a cheap trinket for the pawnshop is to safely wear it with a necklace. This way she saves it from harmful substances or usages in her daily activities from home to work and beyond.

According to the US Census, women work approximately 4.7 hours less than men at their respective workplaces (Source).

However, women do more non-payed activities like carrying for their children and parents, while men make careers to financially provide and protect.

These stress-related factors may lead to more incidents, especially at home with kids. To minimize that a valuable wedding ring tarnishes or even worse, many females opt for the necklace ring safety, hence collar with a ring.

  1. Beauty and Trend-related

Make-ups, hairstyle, nail beauty and so much more. Today’s women are the reigning queens when it comes to lifestyle and trendsetting. That’s the other part of females in the 21st century.

It is therefore of no real surprise that to put her dream ring on a neat necklace is the way to go with the trend. Moreover, to solidify female power, passion, and purity women wear ring pendants.

Females possess a lot more fine jewelry and fashion accessories in general than men will ever catch up to (although hipsters at Starbucks are really trying hard).

This jewelry ring-to-necklace style is maybe not be all over the place yet, but do you want to be the last hopping on this one?

Even if not, it’s sometimes a cool, sorry, swag fashion statement as millennials like my nieces would verbalize it.

Either way, wearing a ring on a fashionable neck chain is a great gift for her, including making it to yourself ladies, you deserve it.

Two Rings on a Necklace Meaning

two rings on a necklace meaning

If you think you know everything about the ring on a necklace phenomenon, think again. Usually, boys and girls dress up with a collar and a ring pendant around the chest for many reasons explained above.

Two rings on a necklace are on the other hand typically a symbol of mutuality, exclusivity, and serious commitment to a romantic relationship. Moreover, the two rings could also mean true friendship or a strong, profound bond between mother and child. Engraved two rings on a necklace is especially edgy.

If following the next best thing is always advisable, I’m not certain. What I must admit though is that I like the bonding statements. Be it of lovers, a bride, and her groom, or real friends, and of course symbol of true connection with your parent(s). 

A two-ring gift to mom or dad with birthstones and the name of the child or siblings on them is a unique, ´cos customized present for her next birthday, Christmas, or any anniversary.

What Does 3 Rings On a Necklace Mean?

Three rings on a necklace is a Russian wedding jewelry tradition. It symbolizes the holy trinity of the past, the present, and the future according to the Russian Church which happens to be of Orthodox Christianity faith.

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