Is The Heart Of The Ocean Necklace Real?


When Jack and Rose painfully parted, the former drowning in the deep, cold Atlantic sea, following the thrown away Heart of the Ocean necklace, while the other lover survived, hearts like yours and mine broke.

One of the many intriguing storylines within the Titanic movie is of course the mystery surrounding the Heart of the Ocean Necklace.

Thanks to this iconic 1997 20th Century Fox hit movie by James Cameron, millions of people across the world can bond up until now.

The Heart of the Ocean necklace is fictional jewelry worn by the actress Kate Winslet playing the main character Rose DeWitt Bukater along with Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson. The Heart of the Ocean is a blue diamond heart, whereby replicas of different qualities have been designed thereafter.

Heart Of The Ocean Necklace Facts

There are many myths around this flick that made not only Kate and Leonardo world-famous, but also raise questions about the necklace Heart of the Ocean origins, whereabouts, and more, worth exploring.

Jewelry Type & Material Properties
Necklace 18 inches (45.72 cm)
Gemstone Blue Sapphire Heart Shaped Surrounded by White Diamonds (Cubic Zirconia) Pendant
Metal White Gold

In short, the necklace in the movie was inexpensive fake diamond jewelry resembling fine gemstone, unlike gold alloys like plated or even better vermeil and gold-filled necklaces which the latter actually is by law required to have real pure gold overlay.

 If the Heart of the Ocean chain would have been real it would have had 56-carat blue diamonds worth millions of US dollars since one 1-carat real diamond costs around $2,000 – $10,000 and more.

The movie necklace is therefore 100% fictional and was solely created for the character Rose by the director.

However as things turn out sometimes in Hollywood, the success and consequences weren’t predicted at all, let alone that of the accessory merchandise’s success.

Hope Diamond vs Heart Of The Ocean Necklace

One of the reasons this heart-shaped blue fake diamond becomes a real thing lies in the origins of another iconic, albeit real stone, the famous Hope Diamond.

Comparing the two, you realized how maybe James Cameron did well, somehow, knew that this might resonate with some romantic people who love irresistible stories.

In the plot of the hit movie Titanic we learn that the Heart of the Ocean jewelry has its origin in France when French King Louis XV wore suddenly lost his crown jewels.

The Hope diamond has a similar story, but most of it is based on real events that occurred when the huge blue diamond was found in India, changes hands obscurely, and finally ends as part of King Louis XV jewels.

The Hollywood flick, therefore, stole not only a bit of the storyline but also the gemstone similarities of a royal blue diamond, whereby details like necklace length, style, and color have experienced some iterations though.

In fact, it’s been told that anyone in possession of the gem eventually experiences some sort of bad luck – just like the passengers of the Titanic.

The Hope diamond is a magnificent piece of jewelry that is now showcased at the Smithsonian Museum and is truly worth 7-figures if not more.

Where Is The Heart of the Ocean Jewelry?

The location of the movie’s necklace Heart of the Ocean is unclear after the completion. What we do know is that right after the movie more than one replica chain necklaces have been produced either authorized by Twentieth Century Fox or other means as well in different qualities.

Heart of The Ocean Replicas

Replicas Properties
Real Sapphire (Fine Jewelry by Asprey & Garrard Jewelers) 170-carat, heart shaped, 103 round brilliant diamond (30-carat)
Real Blue Diamond Center Stone, rectangular shape (by Harry Winston) 15-carat diamond-studded necklace
Blue Crystal (by J. Peterman) 84 cubic zirconias, rhodium mounting, white crystals studded chain necklace
Heart-Shaped Blue Diamonds Replicas different chain lengths, usually 18 inch (45.72 cm) from fine to costume jewelry

These are all reproductions of high to low quality to suit the fan’s different budgets and tastes respectively.

  • J. Peterman Heart of The Ocean Replica

The J Peterman blue crystal stone is the only one officially authorized by the productions film studio 20th Century Fox to reproduce Kate Winslet’s stunning blue heart-shaped gemstone we all cherished and love to wear or gift.

It was sold for $198.00 back then but has now been discontinued, though some jewelry collectors may hold or re-sell it for a bit higher now.

  • Gloria Stewart Heart of the Ocean Necklace

Another interesting replica is the 15-carat real diamond pendant which resembles not 1997, but the much older Titanic movie with actress Gloria Stewart in 1943, who actually wore it at the Oscars in 1998.

The rectangular-square-shaped blue diamond Gloria Stewart wore is worth over $10 million, truly amazing.

  •  Asprey & Garrard Jewelers Heart of the Ocean Chain

Finally, the blue 170-carat sapphire heart-shaped commissioned Heart of the Ocean fine jewelry that Celine Dion wore at the Academy Awards, worth about $1.4 million.

Fans and admirers of fine jewelry can go to Cornwall in the UK at the Charlestown Shipwreck & Heritage Centre to see and experience this Heart of the Ocean replica.

Where Can I Buy Titanic Heart Of The Ocean Necklace?

You can buy Heart of the Ocean replica necklaces at designated offline or online jeweler stores. Bear in mind, that the blue diamond chain from the moving pictures is fictional and all jewelry offerings you get are reproductions of the fictional one, and they are all either costume or fine jewelry.

Heart Of The Ocean Wrap Up

If you are a Titanic movie fan like a million others, or you know someone who is, then do yourself a favor and get yourself this unforgettable necklace pendant jewelry as a gift for her or yourself (some men might want too:).

Yes, it’s not based on a real blue diamond from the tragic shipwreck towards New York. Nonetheless, it is based on a truly touching movie played by the talented Kate Winslet who still chats with her castmate Leonardo DiCaprio about the film that made history.

A truly, unique jewelry gift to make yourself or someone happy for years to come.

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