What Color Jewelry Goes with Navy Blue Dress? — TOP 10 (2022)


Nothing is more embarrassing than hitting a date or a wedding only to find out that everyone around you seems to be not impressed with your blue dress and jewelry combo.

We’ve all been there and the answer to what jewelry color best fits a blue dress ain’t easy either, but possible to tackle successfully.

The best color that goes with a navy blue dress is either blue jewelry like an aquamarine necklace ring set or contrasting jewelry. For example, an elegant white gold chain with a corresponding sparkling diamond ring and statement earrings for that extra WOW-Effect.

More exciting combinations of ideas are below.

Most busy women need of course more fashion choices, be it at work, leisure, or anniversaries, and dates with an admirer, boyfriend, or husband. 

Therefore, here is your ultimate blue dress and jewelry best style guide Top 10 list reference for all ages, tastes, and budgets.

10 Best Color Jewelry Ideas That Goes with a Navy Blue Dress (STYLE GUIDE)

#1 Aquamarine Necklace

One of the most beautiful gemstones out there is aquamarine. A stone that perfectly matches a light or navy blue dress.

An ocean color-inspired jewelry like an aquamarine necklace paired with an earring of the same color or a decent diamond makes this water of the sea stone (aqua marinus, lat.) remarkable jewelry that goes with a blue dress.

The rather quiet gemstone suggests a venue where you don’t necessarily want to be the main attraction while at the same time drawing enough eyes and minds to those close to you. 

Great color combination for tranquil surroundings where you just want to blend in with the rest of your accessories from navy blue dress to matching shoes, handbags, and other subtle classy accessories of choice.

#2 Pearl Necklace and Ring

Pearl jewelry is one of the most versatile crystals women mix when dressing up for an important event wearing a halter neck dress for example.

A pearl necklace with a matching birthstone ring is definitely a magical attention-grabber, but most importantly elegant combo with your blue dress of choice.

A pearl represents, since its discovery thousands of years ago, fortune and purity. On top of, many cultures ascribe them to loyalty and generosity.

With these attributes attached, you can be sure that when you put on your navy dress in blue with a pearl necklace and a ring you will look like a princess – influential, decent, timeless style.

#3 White Gold Earrings and Ring

Unlike pearl jewelry, many white gold metals signal that bling moments like a celebrity on Super Bowl or walking down 5th Avenue, albeit in a more subtle, sophisticated way than in your favorite star’s chest and arms.

White gold earrings and a ring on your finger further symbolize an outgoing personality, even if you’re usually a very private person.

A halter dress in blue with white gold jewelry when you want that carat to underline the beauty inside as well as outside yourself is the way to go.

The symbol of true love isn’t only good on your wedding day, but anytime you feel you need to express your self-love or shared one with a person or group you care about.

#4 Sterling Silver Ring and Necklace

The 925 sterling silver also known as pure silver is an excellent precious metal that you can combine with any navy blue dress from a light blue cocktail dress to denim, sari, and apron.

Often associated with everyday dresses sterling ring jewelry is capable of much more nowadays.

By tradition sterling silver is a symbol of longevity, strength and natural beauty. Hence, if you want to signal any or all of these traits than wearing a navy blue and for example matching engraved silver sterling ring, respectively, necklace is a strong statement.

Personalized sterling silver engagement rings for couples are becoming more and more popular as a way to indicate the strength of your love mainly to each other as well as to the outside world.

#5 Gold Necklace and Gold Diamond Ring

The gold standard is an expression used to describe the best of the best. A golden necklace paired with a diamond ring is undoubtedly one of the best expressions to wear with a navy-blue dress.

Especially on a classic blue halter neckline dress.

Mankind is crazy about gold for a record time. The old Egyptians did it, the Mayas, the Romans, and the Yorubas in Ghana, Africa (formerly known as the Gold Coast).

In other words, everybody loves gold. So does every dress, especially blue goes well with fine with gold. 

French, Asian to New York fashion magazines claim that gold is still king. I agree although it’s important to know which type of it.

Gold is still rare and the global economies trust gold more than anything thing else when it comes to stability. In the Middle East, Asia, and many African countries, or India females still receive gold as a form of dowry.

Gold in fashion has been lately down, at least here in the West from North America to Europe.

However, a golden comeback at fashion shows inspired by jewelry artists, designers, and fashion blogs from India, China, the Caribbean, or Diaspora populations of London, L.A., Dubai, and so on is trending.

A mixture with a diamond-inspired ring like a wedding ring for her and him is a dream come true, not just color-wise, but love-wise too indeed.

Any blue dress pretty much matches perfectly with a gold necklace and that shining diamond ring object of desire on your finger.

#6 Vintage Jewelry Set (Earrings, Ring, Necklace)

The 1990s, 1980s, or a bit older era is often associated with vintage jewelry sets. These generation-old accessory collections are becoming more popular with consumers as more of us get older and reminisce.

Vintage jewelry sets fit well with women (and men) who grew up as teenagers and young adults in those crazy, cool times of Madonna, Michael Jackson and Depeche Mode.

In fact, my niece, barely in her 20s loves to dress up vintage with her skinny denim blue jeans or Marlene Dietrich 1920s style evening dress. She says it’s a great combo, and I can’t deny it.

If you are open-minded and don’t care what other people say, then vintage jewelry from the 1990s like bangles in an ethnic look with a blue dress is the way to go.

Or go even further into the 1980s wearing that signal-colored hair, make-up, and vintage accessories with a navy blue dress combination is a winner.

Get your vintage blue dress like Spaniards and Latinos, put your matching, colorful jewelry sets like birthstones, bands, earrings, and necklaces – and you are back to the future rollerskating your way to fashion and feeling happy.

#7 Sapphire Earrings, Necklace, Ring Set

Literally, the meaning of sapphire gemstones is the blue color in Greek. When you visit that breathtaking country as I did 3 years ago, then you’ll quickly understand why.

On blue islands like Crete where food, people, and jewelry are welcoming you, in each corner you’ll easily notice that sapphire accessory will always go well with a blue dress and something white.

What I love about sapphire, next to its wonderful name, is the fact that like diamond or ruby gemstones, it possesses a distinct color you can’t overlook.

Its royal appearance instantly makes you feel special without breaking the bank. As everything Greek sapphire too of course supposedly has magic powers.

The stone releases mental blocks and negative thoughts from your mind the mythology says. Moreover, joy and happiness alignment comes with wearing a blue-colored sapphire accessory of choice.

A jewelry set consisting of a royal blue necklace pendant with matching earrings while you cruise around the breathtaking Crete island on the Mediterranean Sea, Cancún, or Miami is for sure a dream your blue color-inspired dress would agree upon.

No surprise therefore that sapphire jewelry and blue dresses are popular bridesmaid accessories with many wedding planners and brides.

#8 Turquoise Birthstone Ring and Pendant

The turquoise gemstone is the kind of stone you always want to have in your jewelry collection.


It looks and feels different from all the other stones and precious metals above. The color is so soothing, yet noble, and every day alike.

No wonder why many cultures around the world love not just the gem material, but its color in fashion and house decorations.

Go to Lisbon, or even better Miami and Capetown in South Africa and you will know what I mean. Turquoise-inspired Art Deco artists for now over a century.

If you are looking for the best symbol of femininity, creativity, and wisdom, look no further. Customized turquoise birthstone rings for every month and zodiac are outstanding jewelry gifts for her.

Be it your mom, best friend, sister, significant other,  or even grandmother, and yourself of course – you can never ever go wrong by combing a beautiful azure dress with turquoise jewelry like a decorative ring or geometric pendant.

#9 Rose Gold Set (Ring, Earrings, Necklace)

When it comes to different skin tones best jewelry selection than rose gold jewelry is on top of the list. It just well-suits all kinds of skin tones from dark skin to fair.

That’s of course not all that rose gold can do for you. It is a pleasing color when it comes to wearing it with a blue skirt, jeans, or an eye-catching evening gown.

Moreover, what makes rose gold jewelry stand out is that it easily makes every woman feels luxurious, whether pairing it with a business look or a special-event blue dress.

It is soft and feminine and at the same time signals affluence without you having to book a private jet to the Bahamas anytime soon (in case you do, shoot me an invitation though:).

To all men who lost what to gift their favorite girl, this is the solution. To all the girls in case you’ve lost what the hell to mix with blue dressing next Christmas, a bachelorette party, or hot date rose gold inspired jewelry is it.

In short, rose gold set jewelry will resolve your fashion style problem. Beautiful rose gold rings, chains, and earrings are visible, but not too much to turn off anyone.

#10 Opal Luxury Earrings, Rings, and Pearled Necklace

If a stone can be described as precious, just by solely looking at it, then opal is definitely one. Like many people, I love to see a design come to reality, and opal is nature’s jewelry dream come true.

Opal birthstones are quite trendy as well. For good reasons. The luxury displays on your halter neck chosen body parts are similar to diamonds without sparkling.

The slight change of color when in bright light makes the opal gemstone one of many people’s favorite navy blue color jewelry combinations as a symbol of timeless elegance and beauty.

Growing up with my older sisters, I’ve experienced how they intelligently mixed opal with various dark and light blue dresses from a sundress to fitness attires.

Lesson learned! Luxury doesn’t need to be clunky, expensive, and old-fashioned. Quality opal jewelry in birthstone rings or earrings can be fresh, classy, and timeless. 

Does Silver or Gold Go Better with Navy (Conclusion)

In conclusion, what color jewelry goes with light or dark blue clothes is any jewelry type presented here. Questions like does navy-blue look better with gold or silver depending on how the person feels that particular moment and the intended occasion she’s heading to.

Needless to say, there are more styles, tastes, and budgets you can make to fit your very own fashion preference.

This Top 10 blue dress jewelry style guide is based on my yearly personal fashion shopping travel experience. All between New York, Berlin, London, Paris, Istanbul, Dubai, Johannesburg, and other amazing hot spots in search for the best and affordable accessories for my loved ones and you.

On the other, a result of close style observation, and intense research during my interesting work and unforgettable travels around the world.

Feel free to mix, match, share, and purchase your favorite jewelry color that goes with that amazing and spectacular blue dress of the season.

More jewelry halter dress options like what color jewelry goes with maroon are here on your way as well.

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Bill is an art history and business graduate. Moreover, he loves to test, compare, shop jewelry & fashion items for his 5 sisters, girlfriend, nieces when not enjoying a great novel.

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