What Jewelry Should Bridesmaids Wear? — 3 Accessorizing Quick Tips

what jewelry should bridesmaid wear

My junior sister’s big wedding day is approaching and I, we all, are extremely excited. Her bridesmaids’ jewelry dress code though maybe one small pain point many brides and bridesmaids alike ignore.

At least until after the wedding when everyone brings up the accessories mismatch instead of praising the bride.

Let’s prevent that by looking into the three best bridesmaids’ jewelry wear to shop and awe the wedding guest and compliment the bride.

#1 Head to Toe: Complete Bridesmaid Jewelry List Ideas

Before you as a bride, upcoming wedding planner, mother (in-law), or bridesmaids plan the perfect wedding, here is a useful bridesmaid accessory list to consider:

  • Hair crowns
  • Hair piece accessory
  • Barrette
  • Hair Clip
  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Pendant necklace 
  • Bracelet 
  • Rings
  • Watches
  • Anklet Bracelets

Now quickly look at the individual jewelry for the bridesmaid’s idea in detail for that perfect bride’s day you want to see coming to life on her big day.

Hair crown Jewelry For A Bridesmaid

Make sure to select matching hair crowns by a single hairstylist, unlike some crazy weddings where every bridesmaid chooses her favorite hairdresser.

A wedding should be, next to, a (holy) marriage of two lovers and two separate families coming together, a bonding of the best lovers and friends – not a competition of the best hair at a wedding.

The hair crown jewelry for the girlfriend turned bride of honor, in case selected, should be consistent with the bride’s wedding gown accessory too, of course.

Bridesmaid Hair Piece

Just like the above, a hairpiece that is harmonizing with the stunning queen of the day dress and perfect wedding jewelry is the way to go.

Be aware of different hairstyles bridesmaids already have or can’t easily change (for example, short hair).

Bridal hair accessories can match or complement you – decide together.

Barrette & Hair Clip

If the bridesmaids are open and creative toward this type of hair accessory, why not. It can be simple but sassy like a marcasite jewelry hair clip.

A unique material once popularized by Queen Victoria as well as fashionable in the roaring 1920s, and now trendy again.

Bridesmaid Earrings

Can bridesmaids wear earrings?

Bridesmaids’ earrings are a critical jewelry accessory for many weddings and brides. Guests constantly spot any inconsistency here quickly between maids of honor and the bride; therefore a bridesmaid can wear earrings once carefully preselected with the marrying couple together.

Ladies you know you are merciless when it comes to details like lustrous earrings that do not fit with the wedding outfit.

Bridesmaid’s earrings in gold or silver are seen at nearly all weddings, but yours do not need to be like that.

Bridesmaid’s earring sets could and should be a smart made choice by all participants involved to make the bride and the wedding memorable and not the astonishing earring of the bridesmaid only.

Necklace for Bridesmaids

Chains can make a giant statement defining the theme of the wedding for the good or bad. 

Be it bridesmaids necklace set for 2,4 or 6 people. The right choice boils down to the overall dress code and jewelry suitable for the bride’s day.

The accurate chain type ranges from popular choker necklaces to elegant personalized pendants that make a difference in the judgment of the wedding accessories’ quality.

Be wise.

Bridesmaids Bracelets Wear

Charmed bracelets or customized bracelets for bridesmaids are widespread nowadays. For a reason.

The personal touch of weddings is a development we all embrace, not just in North America, but in all urban areas across the globe.

Use it and make your bridesmaid jewelry unique.

Wedding Rings for Bridesmaids

The bride’s wedding ring is obviously, next to her wedding dress, the most looked at accessory.

A great gift for bridesmaids you can make is to buy a bridesmaid’s bouquet instead or on top of engraved birthstone rings. This is what I call a floral wedding day statement.

When you decide that (your) bridesmaids should wear robs and rings then make sure, that they do not outshine, but complement the sparkling wedding ring for her.

Watches for Bridesmaids

If a maid of honor should wear her regular watch or watches at all is a question you really have to rethink. 

However, if you affirm that it’s okay if they do, then make sure that the watch accessory for a wedding is rather subtle and fits within the guidelines previously agreed upon with the bridesmaids.

In case your wedding budget is big enough, then of course you could get them affordable bridesmaid jewelry sets, including watches altogether.

Anklet Bracelets & Body Jewelry for Bridesmaids

Some weddings are more special and unconventional than others. For those Bohemian-style weddings that look rather like a happening or rock ´n roll party instead of a traditional wedding, body jewelry like anklet bracelets may be perfectly suitable.

Additionally, many cultures have their very own glamorous wedding where body jewelry and bridesmaid accessories from nose earrings to anklets are not uncommon (think Asia, Africa, the Middle East, etc.).

Marriages across cultures are becoming the norm anyway. Therefore, accustoming yourself to these wedding rituals is a sign of sophistication and respect.

Even if you are not marrying someone outside your culture, religion, or country you still can level up and who knows whom you meet next, right?

#2 Bridesmaids Jewelry & Dress Choices

bridesmaid jewelry accessory

Once the bride’s dress and accessories are set it’s time for the second most important wedding accessory, the bridesmaids’ jewelry, and dress.

The different dresses available for the bridesmaids predefine the jewelry they have to match.

The following explores bridesmaids’ dresses matching with certain accessories according to the couple’s guidelines, style, and budget.

V-neck Dress Jewelry For Bridesmaids

The V-neck is a modern dress for bridesmaids that you can find anywhere from California, Manila to Sydney, Lagos (Nigeria), or London and beyond.

The V-neck dresses for bridesmaids command either engraved pendants with initials or short names of the bridesmaids.

The color of the pendant necklace should fit well with the bridesmaid dress and overall accessory set.

For example, rose gold earrings and a necklace with a complementing cream and pink colored dress go well with a V-neck dress.

Do not forget to match the bride’s gown and accessory when choosing the V-neck woman’s clothing jewelry accessory set.

Halterneck Dress Accessories

Halterneck dresses are cute with all kinds of body shapes and different colors. The popularity of halter dress is evident in every small and big city across the country.

One reason for that is that a halterneck dress removes the need for necklace chain jewelry more often than not.

This on the other hand increases the bridesmaid’s budget on other jewelry supplements outside the sometimes dominant chain jewelry of choice.

Halterneck dresses and pearl earrings are a great statement from a bridesmaid girls group towards the bride on her big day.

Don’t overlook this style when you plan your next bridesmaids’ accessory list.

Classic Strapless Dress Jewelry For Bridesmaids

One of the highlights of a wedding is when the bride first steps into the room full of excitement and expectations.

A WOW captures the entire room or hall. Then after some spectacular moments from the invitee’s mouth-dropping reactions towards the perfect bride in a perfect gown, the crowd slowly turns their attention to the bridesmaids.

The dresses they wear, the accessories, and their hair is what remains in memory for days, weeks, and even years after the wedding has passed.

Make sure, as a bridesmaid or bride to pick a strapless dress if you want to level up, albeit below the bride’s stunning appearance, of course.

Confident brides can pick together with their bridesmaids this classic strapless dress and add some neckline jewelry of choice.

Classic strapless dresses fit perfectly with irresistible pearl chokers and sparkling or decent-looking rings. Actually, it’s timeless wedding fashion.

This is a sexy, but elegant bridesmaid accessory idea indeed.

Classic Sleeveless Dress and Accessory For Bridesmaids

The sleeveless dress jewelry is a bit different from the previous strapless dress accessory selection.

Revealing your arms is not the same as revealing your neck and shoulder a bit more. Depending on the age, body, and preference, you may or may not like wearing sleeveless dresses as a bridesmaid or in general.

Therefore, it is essential to consult together as a team (maybe on a bridesmaids’ jewelry party day or wedding planner) what type of dress and of course accessories you want to wear.

The bridesmaid accessory party can take anyplace from indoor where you go online, plan, and choose the bridesmaid jewelry together or offline at a brick-and-mortar store of choice.

Top sleeveless dresses matching jewelry can be anything from stackable bracelets with customized names, dates, or initials to dangling earrings and much more.

The aesthetics of sleeveless dresses and pairing jewelry accessory doesn’t have to cause a headache, if well informed and prepared, though it’s definitely not for everyone.

One-Side Shoulder Neckline Dress and Jewelry For Bridesmaid

The statement of a one-side shoulder neckline dress is simple, sexy. If you dare to wear your bridesmaids this type of modern dress with class, then go ahead.

If on the other hand, you guys are the bridesmaids, then make sure to inform the bride before you buy.

The one-side shoulder neckline dress often requires fewer pieces of jewelry, e.g. no necklace, but therefore unique earrings, hairpieces, or clips to give it that special head-to-toe accessory look.

Lace clutches with personalized bridesmaids’ names are, by the way, a new classic gift and style for bridesmaids to remember. 

#3 Bridesmaids Jewelry Images (Look Book)

modern bridesmaid jewelry

What Jewelry Should a Bride Wear?

The bride is generally allowed to wear whatever she prefers. However, wedding guidelines and brides try to match their gowns with bride jewelry. A classic feminine wedding gown and matching jewelry accessory colors like rose gold, pearls are a perfect match.

What Jewelry Should Mother of Groom Wear?

The mother of the groom should wear a rather elegant, classic dress and jewelry that matches the wedding topic, the bride’s gown as well as the bridesmaids’ dress code. A revealing strapless dress and eye-catching necklaces accessory from a grooms mother is usually considered inappropriate. 

What Jewelry Should Mother of the Bride Wear?

The mother of the bride typically wears conservative dresses like classic long tail cocktail dresses and decent jewelry that do not highlight her beauty beyond that of the bride, her daughter. Wedding gown colors and exposing dresses should be avoided.

Are Bridesmaids Supposed To Wear Jewelry?

Bridesmaids are an integral part of modern weddings in Christian societies and increasingly around the globe, however, the bride and groom essentially make the decision if bridesmaids should wear jewelry or not.

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