What’s The Best Jewelry For A Girlfriend? — Eye-Opening Guide

best jewelry for girlfriend

What’s The Best Jewelry For Girlfriend? — Practical Guide

Some men are lucky to have great taste when giving her jewelry. Most of us I must admit are desperate and run errands to make the girlfriend understand that you love her for real, and she’s worth that ring.

I’ve stepped up on all men’s behalf and created a quick actionable jewelry guide for a girlfriend to save you the embarrassment of which trendy earrings, sapphire gemstone, bracelet, or heart pendant is the appropriate one to amaze her.

According to fashion research, the jewelry one should buy for a girlfriend is typically a timeless ring or necklace. Jewelry gifts for her like a wristwatch or an anklet may be considered impersonal and potentially backfire. A brief look into her closet and personality helps identify existing gift preferences.

What, when, and how to give your girlfriend jewelry matters to most girls as much as you matter about your favorite sports team trophies. 

Therefore, dive in, and let’s make you the ultimate rock star in her life, or if you are female, pass this article to him.

What Jewelry Should I Buy My Girlfriend?

Let’s now take a closer look at the top body accessories you should definitely consider giving her if you want positive feedback to advance your case, be it whatever is on your mind.

Number 1: Ring Jewelry for Girlfriend

A ring is the first choice when it comes to the best jewelry for females, and it’s not really a big surprise.

Nothing is more intimate and romantic to a woman than when a man gives her that shinning gemstone and metal jewelry set for her to wear. 


Advantage of a ring for her

Any type of gold, diamond, or silver piece for her hand to be cutely decorated can mean the world to many grown-up girls (my sisters are proof of that:).

Be it a personalized white gold engagement ring or a simple and beautiful green emerald promise stone.

A jewelry gift ring is a symbol of love, commitment, recognition, and more.

The disadvantage of ring jewelry to her

The only two drawbacks you can ever experience when giving her such an accessory to wear is when you took her off guard.

In other words, when you propose to her while she might not be ready for that big step yet. Another reason for misinterpretation of a gift like that to her is the money spent.

Women expect a male to take their time when selecting a suitable jewelry gift for a girlfriend. 

Things like the type of ring material (e.g. metal with or without gemstone) can affect the recipient’s behavior towards you and your otherwise noble intentions.

An expensive gold-plated sterling silver ring might not be her thing because she likes classic ruby birthstone rings, since her favorite color is red and not yellow gold.

The price of the gift for her can in itself be an issue if she feels you want to “buy” her. The reverse is also true when your jewelry is too cheap looking her in her eyes.

She feels devalued, not recognized, loved.

As you can see, it’s not easy guys, I know.

That’s why I’m giving you here all the best jewelry tips for a romantic relationship start or successful continuation.

A great ring that fits with her fashion style and personality is what will most likely (again, according to a recent study) result in ecstatic happiness over you.

Or at least level up your game for all she’s been doing for you in return.

Number 2: Necklace Gift for Her

On the list of the most sought-after pieces of jewelry for her by men are necklaces. Again, not any chain, although better than none or the wrong one.

There are different types and shapes of necklaces she might or might not approve of. Make your quick research by checking out what type she already wears.

For example, which necklace for girlfriend:

  • Rope Chains,
  • Collar,
  • Pendant,
  • Locket,
  • Figaro necklaces or,
  • Curb Chain and,

many more. The above ones are popular chains now. You need the ones for females, obviously.

Plus details like thickness and the best necklace length for her, as I’ve listed it here for you in another informative article here.

Advantage of a necklace for girlfriend

With a trending white gold chain, you’ve definitely made a bold move to charm her. Females tangentially like jewelry gift necklaces over many other types of presents males give in hoping to make her happy.

A necklace is, since ages, a symbol of status or religious belief. An elegant Christian chain for her might be the key to her heart as well as the popular infinity necklace.

Additionally, it is also a sign of commitment as well as a magical, tree of life healing jewelry item for those spiritually inclined females, which are suspected to be more than their male counterparts.

The disadvantage of a chain necklace gift to her

Though many girls from all walks of life love necklaces, not all wear them. Know your object of desire in terms of fashion and style preference.

If she likes to wear an engraved ring or pendant with her name, initials, or special anniversary on it, make it happen. It’s actually a fantastic stand-out gift for her birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas gift for her).

If she never ever wears one, skip it and stick e.g. with a birthstone ring of her month instead of an unwanted and probably invaluable gift she can’t enjoy.

Jewelry Gift Preferences By Her (Study)

82% of all women remember a special moment through a jewelry gift
80% of men are gift makers only by duty/obligation (birthdays, Easter, etc)
74% of all women do not wish co-select jewelry) gift for her
62% of women are dissatisfied if the gift is not made personally
67% of all women prefer a gift that has an emotional value attached to it
74% of all women are annoyed if a guy gives her a present at the last minute

German researchers have taken the time to figure out exactly what women really want as a jewelry gift from men as the numbers above solidify the argument for an accurate romantic jewelry gift to her (Source).

When Should You Buy a Girl Jewelry?

Before you actually even pick the suitable accessory for her (e.g. a ring necklace set) according to what you’ve discovered about the best pieces for a girlfriend here, you need to know firstly:

When you should buy a woman’s jewelry?

You should buy a girl the jewelry of her dreams when the following has occurred:

  • You know her for at least 6 months, and you buy her a promise ring (not engagement ring)
  • She’s been talking about that bracelet, necklace, or type of earrings for some time now (hint: get it immediately, man)
  • You and our wife or partner are celebrating a meaningful anniversary (infinity rings tip here)
  • She’s lost someone of significance (get her a cremation jewelry or similar)

There are countless opportunities to buy female jewelry, once you are confident that the time is right, make the step to prove your love and sincerity towards her and hit that buy button.

What Jewelry Shouldn’t I Buy for Her?

As it is key, what kind of jewelry she loves, the opposite may also be true. Not all accessories are created equal when gifting them to a girlfriend. I once failed miserably, which I don’t want you to.

Hence, here are the 5 gift pieces of jewelry for her you shouldn’t give to a girlfriend according to the aforementioned study:

  • Earrings as a gift for her is not the best option to go forward with (except she explicitly mentioned it)
  • Watches for females should be reconsidered as surprise gifts
  • Smartphones for women are not romantic, therefore commodity graded
  • Sunglasses aren’t a gift preference by girls from a relationship standpoint
  • Dresses are a no-go for most since men can’t usually choose right

Let’s break the list a bit down for clarification.

Earrings, dresses, and watches are typical accessories many women are rather sensitive about. 

Boys tend not to wear or have any experience with earrings. Therefore, the taste is most questionable, if not straight out horrible.

Watches, smartphones, or sunglasses are considered commodities, exchangeable, and possess no emotional value for her whatsoever.

On the other hand, as discovered, women love necklaces and especially rings from sparkling diamonds to simple birthstones.

They adore these feminine accessory gifts for their emotional value. They carry memories of that present-day, sometimes for years because these are traditionally romantic gifts.

A customized wedding ring with hers and your name on it is a unique jewelry gift she won’t forget. No newest iPhone would ever match that, even evidently they are females who don´t mind the newest gadget.

Lustrous bangles or the perfect pearl earrings, what’s the difference, you say? 

She will turn her head at best or even worse. 

If you don’t know, ask her indirectly or get a closer look at which type of accessories she usually wears, though may be difficult with earrings for long hair if you don’t live with her.

Be creative and ask her besties if necessary, show initiative to get the kiss, engagement, or romantic reaffirmation.

These five mistakes many males make can cost you time, money, and most importantly, the girl you are in love with or would like to be in love with.

Attention: For all those boyfriends and men who would like to give your girlfriend a jewelry watch or earrings against all statistical evidence of female gift preferences; go ahead if you are 100% sure that your loved one would be happy with your choice.

Lastly, do not get these gifts for her if you are not sure what she likes, wants, or needs. 

What Type of Jewelry Do Girls Like (Quick Summary)

Short summary, buy her an outstanding ring or an elegant necklace or both, and you would probably be fine.

Next, avoid too cheap or sometimes too expensive jewelry by taking your time to pick the preferable piece at the right time of your relationship journey.

No need to fear that she might interpret the gift as a proposal unless intended. Choose the appropriate place and time to tell and surprise her that you pick a promise ring to strengthen the “new” found love.

Select a diamond necklace pendant ring set with the day or event you met to indicate the affections going on after all these years through thick and thin.

Buying jewelry for a female girlfriend, fiancé, wife or another type of relationship is not always easy, but most of the time worth the effort, and now you know how to do it right.

Bill Dominic

Bill is an art history and business graduate. Moreover, he loves to test, compare, shop jewelry & fashion items for his 5 sisters, girlfriend, nieces when not enjoying a great novel.

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